Good SANE pet forums?

I am an animal lover that would love to find a forum focused on animals (for the record I have dogs, cats, parakeets, mice, goats and chickens). For the life of me I can’t find one with SANE people on it. Some of the people would make a die hard PETA activist shudder. :eek:

I’ve been accused of getting my (smaller) animals from the “wrong” source, not getting the “right” food/equipment/cages/food/toys/water for them and it just goes on.

I just want to find a place with a more relaxed atmosphere where I can talk to like minded people.

Don’t even try to discuss training, or diet, or even the tone of voice you use when you speak to your pets. They are all crazy!

Most people are per owners, facebook might be a better place.

This is mostly a horse board, but the Menagerie forum is for all other critters. There’s a fair amount of Krazee of course, but it mostly seems restricted to the Off Topic (ie: politics & personal issues) forum.

The Menagerie has bird, snake, ferret, and rat folk I know, and there are plenty of goat and chicken folk too, though those questions tend to be onAround The Farm

I think I was on that one back when I had my horse ( Mustang mix that died at around 25 of a heart attack). The horse side was more “show” orientated and I basically got ignored with my “grade” nag. :rolleyes:

I’ll probably have better look in the Menagerie and Around the Farm sections, thanks for reminding me about them.

Yeah, the hunter/jumper forum and dressage is all about showing, but they boards have expanded considerably in the last couple of years. Lots of casual riders and used-to-be riders too, so come on back :slight_smile:

I have a post about goats in the Farm forum even :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never been there, but my wife likes something called “Backyard Chicken”.

I’m actually on that one. :smiley: