Good sources for academic hoods in U.S.?

I may have to get academic hoods (college '87 and law school '92) soon. Any recommendations on suppliers?

Why do you have to get two of them? Is '87 a BA/BS? Does someone use a hood at that level?
I’m interested to know as well whether anyone knows super secret cheaper sources. . . it’s exorbitant stuff. Someone should put sewing patterns online.

It also depends on where you went to school. My uni, for example, uses blue gowns for undergraduates (no hoods, but some students are eligible for honor cords, stoles or medallions), black gowns for graduate students, and the graduate hoods are red and blue with the color indicating the specific degree around them. I don’t know what other universities use.

If you can find a photo of yourself, that might be helpful.


Never heard of bachelor’s degree recipients in the US system within the past few decades being expected (or entitled) to wear hoods. Simple academic gown (generally black) and mortarboard, and that’s it.

Master’s degree recipients’ academic regalia, including hoods, is available from a number of suppliers, such as

This is who I used
I used the above store to order my hood. I had been renting a hood (I never marched in my PhD graduation, so I didn’t have my own) and as faculty we need regalia to march in graduation at our institution. I finally decided to rent a robe (robes are really expensive, especially if you get the exact type yourdegree-granting institution requires) and buy my hood and tam.

You should only get the regalia from your most advanced degree. The store will help you determine the correct colors for your degree granting institution. The fols at the store linked were very helpful.

Getting the full regalia can be over $500, so you may want to rent parts or just get a generic black robe (lots cheaper) and the proper hood and board/tam.

Let me know if you need more info!

Also, if you are a faculty member- check with your school’s bookstore. They usually coordinate efforts for faculty to get their regalia.

Is anybody else revolted to the core that all these online academic-regalia stores seem to include a department with caps and gowns for preschoolers and “kindergrads”? IMO, this is second only to preteen “beauty pageants” with little girls in miniature evening gowns, high heels and mascara, JonBenet Ramsey-style, as an example of ridiculous mimicry of adult festivities using children as puppets.

What’s next, children’s “wedding ceremonies” complete with little bridal gowns and tuxes to mark the occasion when first-graders Bobby and Susie decide to be best friends?

So, if I order an appropriate ensemble for me just for around the house use, is that weird? :slight_smile:

I wore a hood at my bachelor’s graduation - Rice University, 1993. Most schools don’t use them, it seems, but the concept exists.

Nope, consenting adults may do what they like.

By gum, you’re right; some regalia shops even sell them. Huh. I did not know that.

Hey brad, I didn’t know you were a Rice grad, and you’ve been on the SDMB for even longer than me!

What college were you in?

–robby (Rice '91)

Cool! I was in Lovett - sounds like we overlapped by about 2 years…

I’m a big fan of the hoods at all levels, just because they add color to an otherwise pretty boring getup. I’m shallow that way. :cool:

All graduates at Rice wear hoods appropriate to the degree they are receiving (higher degree -> bigger hood, like you might expect), but only Ph.D. recipients are “hooded” during the ceremony as is customary just about everywhere. Bachelor’s and master’s graduates show up with their hoods on, and wear them throughout the ceremony.

Lovett?! Lovett sucks! :smiley:

Just kidding. I was in Sid Rich.

A guy I went to undergrad with sold weed, and I think he stole a car once. That’s pretty much the only academic hood I know.

RPI graduates also wear hoods for Bachelor degrees. The different colors are for different schools. I wore orange, for the school of engineering. It’s currently stored away in a closet in my parents’ house.

BA/BS students graduating at my university were hooded in the ceremony if they had completed the honors course of study and the honors project. It was pretty rare (my ceremony didn’t have anyone that qualified) but there you go.

Elendil’s Heir, can we be nosy and ask why you’re likely to need the regalia?

I may become a chalice bearer at my Episcopalian church. I’ve seen some other parishioners wear academic hoods over choir dress, like this:

A little showy, maybe, but hey - if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Many thanks for your suggestions, everyone.

I actually wore the hood up when I got my master’s, but only for some photographs. I looked like the Lawgivers in Return Of The Archons. But it was too hot to keep it on. Graduation Day always is the hottest day of the year.

To the OP, do you mean that the hoods vary by year? I wasn’t aware of that.

But, normally, only hanging down the back, right? At any point is it usual for Rice bachelor’s and master’s graduates to actually wear the hoods up on their heads?

Also, some Ph.D. candidates appear to wear berets instead of mortarboards, or is it all? Does it vary by the university, or by the discipline?