Good things about living alone! What's your favorite aloneness self indulgence?

Sing. At the top of my lungs. Usually while skipping (yes, skipping) down the long hallway in our house.

I also eat strangely, in front of the tv in the living room. I might decide that for dinner, I want spaghetti, french fries, and strawberry yogurt.

Oh yeah, and the whole “But honey, the walls are paper thin” excuse flies out the window.

I love the weekends that my roommate goes home!

I’m a married man, that equates to never being alone except whilst at work. However, my wife and I are respectful of each other, our offices in the home were too close so I built a tree office in our yard…

So guess where I am alone most of the time? In her office of course, as she likes the nookiness of the tree.

I knew that would happen.
As for the OP - when I’m walking in the back woods, listening to the trees, and watching the forest unfold it’s story to me while I walk. I think I’ll start a thread about the beauties of the wood.

Philosophr wrote:


You can wonder what the nookiness of the tree is and no one is any the wiser.


I can eat all the Shashimi and Steak Tartar I want.

Hang out in the garage and work on my Studebaker (without interruption).

Listen to “The Blues” as loud as I like.

Damn, I was single 'til I was in my thirties and did all the things y’all talk about. I’m married now and still do most of them…esp. the nekkid thing.

Biggest change in lifestyle = strange pussy

Oh well, gotta sacrifice something, besides my wife is fine and likes sex. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I can break my own rules, and not somebody else’s.

not having to deal with someone else’s damn crap.

NO dirty dishes in the sink!

NO “crap everywhere!”

and I don’t have to answer the phone if I don’t wanna.

I love living single, and I’m never going back to live-in coupledom!!

No eye-rolling when I want to watch ‘Teen Titans’ at ten O’clock at night. No groaning when I cook something delightfully smelly. No clearing my browser history instinctively at the end of the session. No tights drying like octopus tendrils from my shower rod. No suspicious looks when I open a bottle of wine on a weeknight. No worring about the reaction I’ll get if I spend too much money on some expensive doohicky I really, really want. The closet space – all mine, baby! No grief if I forget to clean my whiskers out of the sink.

Yep, I’m thirty and playing with a Gameboy, my Sandman comics are prominently displayed in my bookshelf next to my Harry Potter books, and that music? Pure 80’s rubbish, and I’m not ashamed of any of it anymore! Hooray!

Let’s see, that took 16 replies and 40 minutes.

PEOPLE! We’re slipping! We expect much better (worse?) around here!

I think Digital Underground said it best with “dowhachyalike”.

You can get away with the “I’ll clean it up when I feel like it” attitude.

Everything is yours.

Noisy when you want it, quiet when you want it.

You can leave the bathroom door open when you shower.

Decorate however you like.

…and of course, excessive masturbation.

Ya know, maybe it’s because I’ve lived alone since Junior Year in college, but I take all the above stuff for granted - they’re not indulgences, it’s normal life. I love living alone, of course - I get edgy if visits go on too long. God help me if I get married - about 5 days after the honeymoon, I’d be asking him “Don’t you want to go home now???”


Eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream straight from the carton, and putting the rest back into the freezer for later.

Blowing a doobie and watching a bad action flick without interuption.

I can’t wait to get my own apartment. When I lived in the dorm I had my own room so I could sleep until one on the weekends or stay up all night if I wanted. Living at home, my parents complain if I don’t get up by 11 or if I’m up past 2:30.


I’m used to sleepin’ all by myself,
Don’t fight for the covers with anybody else.
I can eat crackers in bed if I please,
I can have onions and Limburger cheese,
Livin’ alone.

To be precise, excessive masturbation without having to close the door first.

That, and peeing with the door open too.

You mean the bathroom door, right?