Good things about living alone! What's your favorite aloneness self indulgence?

I have now played the break from Mauro Picotto’s Komodo about 20 times in a row at window shaking volume, and I’ll do it again because there’s no here to bug me about making noise or sneer at me for being a 45 year old professional who’s also a secret techno geek.

One more time…!

Aloneness can be lonely and lovely.

Alone dopers, what’s your favorite aloneness indulgence?

Oh, just the thought of aloneness indulgences! whimper

My flatmate is going home to Maastricht for 2 months and I can’t wait to spoil myself.

Long baths, what I want to eat when I want to eat, control of the remote, my choice of music, internet access when I want … an entire new world is going to open itself up to me and I’m just so excited.

When I am alone I can spend a whole Saturday lying on my bed, drinking tea and reading. When I try to do this while visiting my boyfriend, he gets all pouty and says I’m ignoring him. I guess he has a point. But what better way to spend a lazy, overcast Saturday?

I’ve gotten used to living alone,
With nobody’s taste to consider but my own.
The sink’s full of dishes, there’s clothes on the floor,
The cap’s off the toothpaste and I just adore
Living alone.

I’ve been living alone for a year now. I love being able to walk around naked, making a mess where ever I please. I don’t have to answer calls for any one else or worry about not getting my messages. No worrying about leaving enough hot water for some one else to shower in the morning.

The downside to it though is I’m the only one here to clean all the messes. Some how those dishes pile up quick.

Watching movies as loud as I want and whenever I want (I live in the country - no neighbors, either)

Playing my PS2 as loud as I want and whenever I want.

Playing my music as loud as I want and whenever I want.

Getting online whenever I want.

Doing whatever I want whenever I want. If I’d like to, I can prance around naked listening to Wagner.

Knowing that when I get home, the house will be just like I left it. Nobody has moved my stuff.

The best part? Knowing that beer that I left in the fridge will still be there. Waiting. Faithfully. For me. ONLY me.

Yeah, I was a single child. :rolleyes:

Going out to see a movie on the spur of the moment. Eating leftover pizza for breakfast if I feel like it (and I feel like it).

Indulging in very weird inside jokes over the phone (“No! They suddenly caught the hantavirus and turned UGLY!” “Hi? You suck, Plop!”) and not wondering how weirded out my roommate will be if they overhear.


While living alone and working from home, I can indulge in my odd sleeping schedule without bothering anyone. I generally sleep for about 8 hours, then stay up for about 20, so my sleep times rotate around the clock. That’s probably not the healthiest thing in the world, but it’s what I fall into when I’ve got nothing to keep me on a more regular schedule.

Singing along to musicals. And dancing around the living room. Possibly naked.

Yep, naked Oscar & Hammerstein. Dip me, Gene!

Monopolizing the computer, phone, TV, and stereo, all at the same time.

Never having to put anything away.

Using the living room as a gym.

Answering the phone with “Homicide Division”, without upsetting anybody.

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned this: any guests I want–anytime, and none that I don’t want.

Taking showers with the bathroom door open.

Sitting around naked with the heat turned up to the temperature I like, or at least mostly clothed so I’m not freezing. (It’s NOT too hot in here damn it!!!)

Not being told when I should go to sleep (Yes ‘daddy’ :rolleyes: stupid roomie) or having to tiptoe around when I want to stay up later then they do.

Not listening through thin walls roomie and his gf…

I work late and live alone. I can come home and watch TV and screw around on the computer until 4 am if I want, and no one cares. Plus, ditto what everyone else said.

I can blabble and act like a total lunatic and nobody notices.

I can’t pick out just one but a few of my favorites are being able to wear pajamas all day if I want to, not having anyone fuss if I decide to veg and watch bad lifetime movies, getting all the hot water to myself, and being able to get up at 3 a.m. and make as much noise as I want to or going to bed at 6 p.m. if I’m tired.

Excessive masturbation.

I love living alone. Curled up in bed with a cup of tea, a cat sleeping at my feet, a good book in my hands and another on the bedside table—bliss!

Staying up all night and sleeping all day. OR going to bed at 7 in the evening and getting up at 3 in the morning.

I can’t believe nobody has mentioned the farting thing yet.