Good Usenet Reader

I’m looking for some recomondations for an Usenet newsgroup reader. If possible I would like a good shareware or freeware program (Don’t want to pay :slight_smile: ).

Thank y’all for the help.

Forte’s “Free Agent” is quite nice. ( That’s the freeware version of their “Agent” application which has some nice little extras built-in. All in all it’s a fine news-reader app which properly deals with attachments/UUencoded binaries and the like.


I agree with Maxxxie. Forte Agent (and Free Agent) is the best Usenet newsreader I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried most of 'em for Windows at some time or other). Easy interface, very flexible, excellent program (It’s only weakness is it’s kill-filter, which while workable, could be more robust…but it’s not horrible)


I’ll put in a plug for XNews. It’s good solid basic functionality, and free.

I third the recommendation of Agent. Free Agent is nice, but I’m using the full version of Agent because it adds filters - a very useful and necessary tool for Usenet.

I too use Agent. There are others which are more beginner-friendly, but once you get used to Agent (or Free Agent) and customize it to your liking, it’s very powerful and efficient.

For the Mac platform, I’ve had good experiences with MT-Newswatcher.

(or go to and look up newsgroups)

Ok, most of y’all suggested Forte’s Free Agent, so I’m installing it right now. From what I see of it, looks like it’s what I wanted.

Thanks all of you for your help… That’s why I love the Straight Dope.:slight_smile:

Forte agent not the free edition but the full agent is excellent.