Goodbye Hero

Rest in peace. I’m sorry if this might seem trivial to you, but it happened not too far from my home, down the street from my sisters’ homes…but DAMMIT things like this rarely happen here, I’m just shook up by it.

I saw his picture in the paper and I swear I’ve seen him before.

That’s not trivial at all. It’s really sad. :frowning: He left behind two kids too.

Yeah, 13 and 11. I just meant trivial that in some places, a police officer’s death just may be more common, and some people might think I’m being a little overdramatic. But I cried reading the paper this morning and I’m crying now.:frowning:

I still keep up with Hawaii news, so I knew about this almost from the beginning. How sad. :frowning:

You’d be surprised, Lola. It is rare enough for any law enforcement officer to die in the line of duty, that other officers from around the country- and sometimes around the world- make the effort to pay respect at their funeral.

How terribly sad, I’m sorry for his family’s loss and for the sacrfice he made. The story paints an awful picture. Doubly tragic if for some reason, he wasn’t wearing his vest that day. He might have gotten away with broken ribs if he had been.

The shield I wearr with my EMT number on it will be covered with the mourning ribbon today. How awful, indeed. :frowning: