Goodbye Lenin! (possible spoilers)

My wife rolled her eyes when she saw that I rented a movie with subtitles. After sitting through her snarky comments about Garden State, I was prepared for more with Goodbye Lenin!. Of course, she didn’t say a word because this movie was awesome…easily the best of 2004 that I had seen (although, to be honest, I only saw a handful of movies in theatres last year).

For some reason, all the actors looked quite familiar, although I didn’t recognize their names and the last German film I saw was Run, Lola, Run.

This was without a doubt the most well-known movie any of the principals have been in, and the only cast member it had in common with Lola was a bit player. Fun movie. If you liked this, then you’d probably like a few other recent German films, What to Do in Case of Fire? and In July (though I don’t know how available they are on video; I saw all 3 in the theaters).

A sweet, charming film. I liked it a lot.