Goodbye Orphan Annie

Today was the last strip. She will be missed. I’ve been reading this strip for years, and enjoyed every minute of it!
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I knew it was coming, and really thought they’d wrap it up, rather than leaving such a massive cliffhanger.

Although I must admit, I preferred the second incarnation, the one Leonard Starr rebooted in 1979. Beautiful artwork in that version.

I’m not sure what that link is–first time I clicked it I got Lio; checked it again before submitting a smartass post and got Non Sequitur.

This link might work better.

What’s the deal Warbuck’s hand in the last panel. Does he have fingernails on the wrong sides of his fingers or what?

I think he’s looking out a window with his hand pressed against the glass. The “fingernails” are the impressions of his fingertips on the glass. It does look odd, though.

I can’t think of a single comic strip that ever benefited from continuing after its creator died. This strip should have folded forty-rwo years ago.

Its about time!

Annie must be at least 80 years old by now. Reading it today, is just not the same. She needs to grow up and get on with her life.

Family Circus is another one where the kids never grow up.

Did they ever give her eyeballs? That freaky conceit alone was enough for me to never read the strip…


The last panel includes the words “for now,” and I doubt if she’ll be gone long. There’s a Broadway revival of “Annie” being planned for 2012, and someone is bound to see the benefit of a comic strip tie-in. It may even be that the strip has been put on hiatus for “retooling” to be more inline with the world of the musical.

In any case, I’ve enjoyed the latest incarnation occasionally. It didn’t take itself seriously, and read like a gentle parody of the original strip. But I didn’t read it very often, as it was tucked away with relics such as “Gasoline Alley” instead of being on the main comic pages.

There was a stoty on the CBS Sunday morning show on LOA - They mentioned that she did have pupils in a few panels, but fans didn’t like it.



There was a piece on NPR this morning about the demise of the strip. In included a 1945 reccording of Fiorello La Guardia reading it aloud over the radio to New Yorkers. A newspaper delivery strike was keeping thousands from getting their daily “Orpah Annie” fix!

As Sandy would say, “ARF!”

What a very weird place to end the strip.

I haven’t read it since I was little, but there’s the end of another era.

Undead Annie is gone.
Good riddance!

Now, let us hope & pray that a fresh young face can premier a new comic.

Shame on you.
Punjab and the Asp are going to rip out your liver and eat it.


BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! That’s exactly like this Far Side cartoon that was " Comic Strip Readings" and a picture of a lady going " And in the next panel!"
And any guesses as to what I was singing to myself while reading this thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

It really only ever worked when Annie or Warbucks went on a bizarre anti-Roosevelt screed.