Goodbye Señor Presidente

You were the victor because the previous president was banned from running by the constitution, and you were sworn in despite not having received the necessary amount of votes as mandated by the constitution because the people were sick and tired of politics and wanted to get done with it.

You took a country that was the success story, with the highest GDP growth in LA and one of the highest in the world and left with rampant inflation, the currency devalued to an all time high (a whooping 345% at its highest).

You are an idiot who can barely speak his own language; you were intolerant with the press and your critics.

You are a racist, a homophobe and a chauvinist pig. Did you think we wouldn’t notice?

You followed GB to war even when the people clearly opposed it. It didn’t help you much, I don’t know what favors you expected but the US became your critic even before you decided to withdraw from Iraq.

No president in our history has made more damage to our fragile environment than you.

You messed with our constitution just because you wanted to seek reelection against the stern opposition of the people.

You humiliated us abroad. You were like the crazy cousin that we invite home to a party and later discover, in the middle of the party, that he is a complete asshole.

You thought you had fooled us. You couldn’t imagine what was coming.

Three months ago the people spoke and you were defeated when 70% of the people voted against you, 60% for the winning candidate.

Goodbye Señor Presidente. Tomorrow hope returns to our land when you step down. But don’t worry, we WILL remember you. Oh yes, we will.


Who are you talking about? Chavez?

Until I got to fifth paragraph of the OP, I thought it was about George Bush.

:slight_smile: There is more than one nujob in Latin America.

I am talking about Hipolito Mejia from the Dominican Rep.

Ah. The timing was quirky since Venezuela is having their recall elections even as I type this due to their poll closing extensions. I’ll have to do some reading on this Mejia guy.

So the DR is part of the Coalition of the Willing? It’s so hard to keep track . . . do you have troops in Iraq now?

(“Coalition of the Willing”! Who thought that one up? Are we assembling a military alliance or making a porn film?)

backstory from the Wikipedia (�lito_Mej�a):

Anything this account isn’t telling us, Mighty_Girl?

Aunt Clara???


Maybe if he had won three purple hearts, they would’ve re-elected him…

Let me help you out:

From News [requires payment to access the archives]:

  1. President booed at UASD

Aunt Ilana???

No, they left after Spain did. To appease the people here Hipolito was promised that they would be put where they wouldn’t be harmed. I don’t know where they put them, one of the soldiers had barely stepped down a plane when he went bezerk and shot his whole family and put a bullet in his head. :frowning:

What the holy mother McFuck?

And you think Leonel did such a hot job last time, and you’re eager to have him back?


If I had voted there, I think I would have gone with EE - Eduardo Estrella. And that support based solely upon his billboards that claimed, “Para continuar la obra de Balaguer.”

Actually, I would have voted for Balaguer himself, except for the obvious impediment. :slight_smile:

  • Rick

Oh, and don’t forget having the government take over the country’s main independent newspaper (under the excuse that the boss of its parent company was in hot water over bank/securities so all its assets had to be impounded). That one was a priceless move.

Here’s to things getting better, neighbors – you need all the luck you can get!

Sorry, but…you would have wanted Balaguer back??? :confused: Actually, I believed the guy was dead…

Balaguer was president 1986-1996. Leonel Fernandez of the Dominican Liberation Party (the PLD), struck an alliance with Balaguer in 1996 and came into office, 1996-2000. The left-wing goober Hipolito Mejia, of the Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD) won in 2000, campaigning strongly on the popular discontent with electrical service – the electrical service had been privatized under Fernandez.

Here we are four years later, and the electrical situation is far worse, with island-wide blackouts not unheard of, and many in the capital city getting 2-3 hours of power per day.

Apparently the electorate decided that Leonel wasn’t such a bad guy after all, since he won against Hipolito in this year’s race.

For what it’s worth: Balaguer’s administration brought unparalleled prosperity to the DR… he is, sadly, dead, but I am convinced that even if they dug him up and propped him up in the national palace, he’d do a better job than Hipolito.

  • Rick

The (immediate) previous President WAS Leonel Fernández. After 1994, during Balaguer’s abbreviated last term, the Constitution was amended to forbid reelection bids altogether.

Yes… but in 2002, under Mejia, the Constitution was amended again to permit a single successive term, similar to the US’s rule:

“The Executive Branch is exercised by the President of the Republic, who will be elected every four years by direct vote. The President of the Republic can opt for a second and sole consecutive period, but will not be able to stand for the Presidency again, nor for the Vice-Presidency of the Republic.”

Mejia pushed this through thinking he would benefit.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

  • Rick

Bricker, I always say that the worse thing that Hipólito Mejia has done is to convince me that Balaguer wasn’t so bad. And THAT my friend is some accomplishment. I am as anti-Balaguer as it gets.

Balaguer was a very smart man. So smart that he was creepy. A guy that can be presidents eight times, the last three of which he was near to completely blind, infirm, could barely walk and yet able to manipulate the populace… well that my friend is unheard of. He made an institution out of corruption and left with that legacy. I don’t know, at this point of my life I either got mellow or so cynical that compared to Mejia I can’t even muster enough indignation against Balaguer.

About Leonel, let me tell you something. I didn’t vote for him the first time. I voted for Peña Gómez, something I regret now. In my defense I must say it was the first time I voted and I was young and stupid and out to prove some stupid agenda about racial equality and whatnot. Leonel screwed up in so many ways, but you are hard pressed to find anyone who has done better in such short time. I knew Mejia personally and I was astounded that people even contemplated to elect him to ANYTHING let alone the presidency. I knew what was coming, and it feels horrible to have been right all along.

As you say, at this point Leonel is the best thing we can find. I am only scared that we are back to putting our faith in a man, when his times comes then what? We have to start building institutions, if Leonel is hit by one of the FLACODS that missed Kerry then we would be in a position of continuing our lives without so much of blink and a couple of days of national mourning.

SA, I don’t know what rumours you’ve heard, but I swear I am *not * your aunt. :wink:

Actually *two * of us are SDMB members. You’d have to guess which is which.