Goodnight Dune

For anyone who appreciates Frank Herbert’s masterpiece, or kidlit, or both, this is Awesome with a capital “A”:

Awesome indeed. Thanks!

Best. Children’s book. Ever.

There was no, “Goodnight, speedo-wearing Sting.” Even though he was right there on the shelf.

Wonderful and funny - thanks for sharing this!

That is hilarious.

Can’t breathe…laughing…“heard” it in Max von Sydow’s voice…

I imagined it being read by Pricess Irulan in the manner of the begining of the movie.

I knew the old lady was going to be Bene Geserit!

I laughed, inside my head in a whisper.

I love that Dr. Yueh’s picture also has the tooth. What’s the title of the book on the nightstand? “_____ for Dummies” I can’t read the first word.

I think it says “Arrakis for Dummies”.

show of hands, how many people are going to read this to their kids tonight?

I love “Goodnight Golden Path” and there is no picture of it.

Tempting, but… no. :smiley:

What did the phrase “They tried and died” refer to?

Major bonus points for rhyming “Suk doctor” and “ornithopter.”

Men who have previously tried drinking the water of life. Paul asks Rev. Mother Mohiam, “they tried and failed?” She responds,“they tried and died.”

((nerd alert!))

I missed the edit window and wanted to add more context. ((serious nerd alert!))

In the movie (I think) it is the scene where Rev. Mother Mohiam is testing young Paul to see if he is a human. [insert hand in box, pull it out too soon and gom jabbar goes in the neck. a human can withstand pain, but an animal will chew off it’s own hand if it is caught in a trap – not sure I follow Herbert’s logic here, but there it is] The premise is that thus far, only women have been able to change the water of life… and this is what gives them their prescience, making them Reverand Mothers. Paul is questioning whether any men have ever successfully done it, and she says no. Paul asks Rev. Mother Mohiam, “they tried and failed?” She responds,“they tried and died.”

Wonderful stuff.

I submit my old thread Dune, the Musical

I just read it to little Mahalothette. It’s not bed-time, but she liked it anyway.

The little Muad’Dib made her happy. :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, of course. Thanks.