I have a question about donating old clothes to Goodwill (or Salvation Army, etc.). Do they take clothes with small holes in them or should I just toss my holey stuff? The holes are from when I used to cut roses and the thorns would snag and tear small holes.

Does Goodwill take shoes? I used to be a shop-a-holic and hve tons of shoes barely worn but I’m not sure if they take old shoes. I don’t even know where the nearest Goodwill is but I’m cleaning out my three closets and trying to decide what to do with my clothes that are slightly worn, too small or simply not my style anymore.


Holes: it depends on how big the hole is and the overall health (?) of the garment. It also depends on the local management. Generally speaking, they’ll take things with buttons missing, but they don’t want bigger repair jobs, like holes and broken zippers, because they don’t have the labor force available to fix them. But your results may vary.

Also, they’re generally speaking only interested in things with real resale value; people won’t buy mended blue jeans except at a garage sale for 25 cents.

My guess would be that your holey gardening clothes will just get tossed.

Shoes: yes, they’ll definitely take shoes, the nicer they are, the better. They definitely don’t want the falling-apart sneakers, because nobody will buy them.

Just put themin a plastic bag, a black one & give to the shop. Other thrift shops arent so picky.

Call information; they will have the nearest Goodwill/Salvation Army for you. Most of these places will even come and pick up the items for you.

They will take the shoes, especially if you haven’t worn them much. On the holey clothes–it will depend on the holes–if they’re large, I wouldn’t even bother giving them away. If the clothing is in bad shape, throw it away; it saves them the work of having to throw it away themselves.

No they don’t, they auction stuff or give it to other countries that need clothing & have time to sew.

I guess I’ll call around. I feel guilty throwing away perfectly good clothes just because there are a few tiny holes. Part of the guilt is from my buying so many clothes in the first place. Is there any place that can take the really bad ones and make rags?

dude, listen to me, I work for several thrift shops of various types. Put all of the stuff in a black plastic bag, seal it, drop it off during store hours. Take it to the front of the store & say you are giving them stuff. They then either inform you to take it to the back of the store or you can just drop it at the counter. Don’t put it outside the store when its not open. thanks.
PS: doesn’t matter what condition it is. feel better? :slight_smile:

it DOES matter in some areas. Many of our local agencies such as Salvation Army, Volunteers of America etc. spend hundreds of dollars every month in trash costs, tossing out stuff that’s donated. that’s hundreds of dollars they aren’t able to use for direct services.

We used to get “donations” too, when I ran the correction center. the country club set would send us their older dress clothing, so envision, if you would, what the CC set would wear to the Christmas party at the club, being given to former junkies. yep, it’ll work. My favorite was the clear plastic built up sandal. yes, only one.

OTOH, I called and ASKED for donations of work boots. never got 'em. Odd sizes are great. the size 3 and 4’s were useless, pretty much.


I will take your advice. The clothes aren’t in that bad of shape. I think they will be of some use to someone!