Goody goody yum yum.

I find it absolutely bizarre that Cafe Society has been running for at least a couple of months now, but as yet there has not been one single thread devoted to The Goodies!

This is a tragedy. Where’s Randy Pandy? Where’s Timbelina? Why are we not doing the Funky Gibbon? Are we not needed, needed, needed, needed …

It’s whatever turns you on.

And let’s not forget A Walk in the Black Forest, side 2.

I loved that show and haven’t found anyone that has heard of it, let alone seen it.

People, people, people (okay, just you two so far…)

This forum has been up and running a very short time in view of the greater scheme of things. Of course there are going to be items that have not yet made it into this forum: it is possible they may have been mentioned in MPSIMS or IMHO. (I’d search, but that would push the hamsters and rubber bands to the the breaking point on this computer.)

As it were, there are many of us (well, at least me) who really looked forward to PBS Friday nights, including The Goodies and the adventures of ‘Little Rolf’, bush babies, and Ecky-Thump.

And would tune in an out-of-area PBS radio station to hear a very crackled episode of I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again, just to hear their voices.

And who are trying to amass a collection of ‘The Secret Policeman’ concert/revue tapes just to watch them.

Let it not be said that they are dead, just vastly missing.

aka ‘Friend of Bill O.’

That’s right, The Goodies are considered to be some kind of weird loony cult type thing in the US, are they not?

In Australia, anyone between the ages of 25 and 40 who HASN’T heard of The Goodies generally immigrated from a country where The Goodies were considered to be subversive infidels or whatever. Out of all the twenty and thirtysomethings I know, most if not ALL profess to enjoy The Goodies, even if they can’t quote entire scenes off the tops of their head.

And to those who are anti-Goodies, us Goodies fans only have one thing to say: Run, run, run … we’re coming to get you!

Mmmmmm. Not. Not a weird loony cult type thing; just another wacky (and IMHO far underappreciated) British comedy.

Want to wind up a Goodie?

Mention Monty Python.

They have a bit of a chip on their shoulder about how they don’t get the recognision that the Pythons do.

Unfortunately they don’t realize that they were always the lower-brow alternative, and too much of their humour relied on sped up sequences. A bit like Benny Hill without the innuendo.

They weren’t bad though, funny at the time. (But then I was a kid in the 70s.) Their shows haven’t aged well. And the ones they did for ITV were rubbish. That killed them off more than anything else.

Oh man, I loved the Goodies. I thought I was the only one, though. I haven’t seen in in literally twenty years, though.

To this day I can’t tuck my shirt into my underwear.

[sub]unless it’s really cold[/sub]

And one of these days I’ll be an Ecky-thump master.

[sub]as soon as I can find blood pudding in the US[/sub]

Didn’t at least one of The Goodies (possibly Tim Brooke-Taylor) go to university with some of the Pythons? I remember reading somewhere that Tim was involved in some of the early revue type stuff the Python guys did.


The Goodies, like all classic comedies, is definitely multi-layered. As a little kid growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s I remember them for their wacky antics and slapstick, missing a lot of the subtle adult references that are in the show.

The best part about The Goodies is that it predates political correctness - I couldn’t any TV show making an episode like ‘Apart-height’ again.

Hmm, might go and have an anti-PC rant in The Pit …

“And this must be the clutch!!”