goofy but were there lyrics written for the star wars theme?

Gotta bet with a movie buff and he claims that in fact there are lyrics that were written for the theme to star wars. Not the goofy stuff of old school SNL with Bill Murray but legitimate words intended for the original theme. Any validity or is he blowing smoke?

I can’t speak definitively to Star Wars, but there were lyrics written to the theme for the original Star Trek series. Perhaps that’s what your buddy’s thinking of?

You’ll probably get more interested posters reviewing this thread in Cafe Society.

I think this was asked once a year or two ago, but no answer was reached. Still, I remember someone wrote some lyrics on the spot for the old thread. They were like…

Star wars! Fighting those star wars!
Fighting those star wars, up in the sky!

Wasn’t the Life Day song at the end of the Christmas special sung to the theme song tune?

Yup, Leia song it on the Wookiee homeworld. Makes you wonder if they’ll revisit the song in Episode III…

Here’s a transcript of the SWHS. An excerpt:

Specifically for the movie? No. Neither John Williams or George Lucas ever thought of that. Lucas wanted a Wagnerian march for his Flash Gordon titles, Williams delivered. No lyirics.

Your movie buff is high on duff.

I did hear that the actors sang:

Star Wars - made me a fortune!
Paid off the mortgage! Bought me a car!

Of course if you want to bother with the retrograde inversion, you can sing Born Free backwards to Star Wars main title, becuase Star Wars’s main title is Born Free upside down and backwards.
Born Free, as free as the grass grows, as free as the wind blows, Born Free to follow your heart

So, if you can make a famous theme out of a popular song upside down and backwards, remember – they forgot to copyright that. . .