Goofy Translations of Film Titles

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I guess that’s in the same vein as mobo85’s Help! My Girlfriend Has A Penis!

That happened here as well. But what’s even stoopider is that some idiot decided to translate th name of the character Jaws, from the Bond franchise, to the subtitles as ‘The Shark’.

Regarding Fucking Åmål, there’s a strong trend in Sweden to just start using English words, mixed in with Swedish. It’s totally in line with the characters to do this. Most Swedes don’t have a clue about how strong an invective this is for an American. The pick it up from movies where characters say it all the time.

I wasn’t sure, because there are so many Scandinavian faux amis (words that look exactly like English but mean something different). I haven’t looked at Swedish, but I have a list of over 200 faux amis from Danish, in which innocent words often look hilariously obscene when read as English. I was wondering if fucking meant anything different in Swedish.

A lot of anime got this treatment when it came stateside.

Rurouni Kenshin, since “rurouni” was pretty much made up by Watsuki and a bit untranslatable, became Samurai X, much to the consternation of fans.

Meitante Conan became Case Closed due to copyright issues with the name “Conan”.

Card Captor Sakura became Card Captors for no discernable reason.

There are no “copyright issues” with the name “Conan”. There may be trademark issues, or the distributors may simply have wished to avoid any association with the works of Robert E. Howard.

The faux amis issue is interesting. *Eventuellt * means probably, perhaps, and I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve read **eventually ** mistranslated.
Scandinavian languages and English are quite closely related, being Germanic, and it’s quite obvious with older words. Look at these two sentences, and remember that the å is pronounced [oh]:

Shall we go to my room
Skall vi gå till mitt rum

Nowadays, movie distributors rarely bother translating the title, it’s much “cooler” in English. Sometimes there’s a translation that’s truly inspired. **Grondhog Day ** was titled “It’s Monday every day of the week” - i it doesn’t translate well back into English, but it was very effective in Swedish.
(Don’t get me started about *faux amis * among the Scandinavian languages)