Google and Project Dragonfly

I didn’t see a thread on this so thought I’d start one. If there is on, mods feel free to close this one down if someone will simply link to it.

Anyway, I’ll link to a few things, starting with this article (which, ironically, I Googled to get :p) which talks about the issue.

I’ll also link to this YouTube video that also talks about this.

I guess the most recent part of this is that Google has said (I believe to a congressional committee looking into this) that they don’t plan to put this in at this time, but that seems to be geared more towards the bad publicity they are getting than that they actually feel it’s a bad move for them as a company. I guess the topics for debate are what do 'dopers think of Google going this route? Also, are you concerned that it might flow back the other way? What I mean by that is, once Google gets into China (leaving aside the fact that there are already home grown Chinese search engines that already comply with the CCP AND are, well, Chinese companies, which are run by either members of the CCP or by folks aligned with one faction or another in the CCP and are going to have huge advantages over someone like Google coming in from outside), might they start censoring their own searches to comply with the CCP? Especially if the CCP threatens whatever market they build in China with some new rule or constraint? What if the CCP wants, say, Google to downgrade searches on the search engine outside of China for, oh, say something random like Tiananmen Square in, oh, say 1989? I mean, nothing really happened then, according to the CCP and Chinese search engines, so maybe Google should ensure everyone knows that?

I’m not sure why I should care about what an Internet search engine does in China. And if Google started censoring search results, there are literally thousands of other sites that one can find out about things happening in China.

Not sure if you read that right manson. I’d have to look into it more, and it’s late. But it looks like social engineering on a massive scale. That bothers me in many, many ways.

What if Google limited the abuses that Trump does? I know that wouldn’t be ok with you.