Google Calendar down

… which could be the title of a Tom Clancy book these days, I guess.

GC has been down for the last day, which is of little concern to me even though I moved my day calendar to that worthy platform a few months ago. I have one (1) meeting this morning and my primitive meat computer can recall all its details, but…

…those who have complex interactive scheds are pretty screwed.

…so, how bout this new cloud-based world, eh, buddy?

I rely on Google Calendar pretty heavily, and I haven’t noticed any changes. I seem to be able to access everything just fine.

It’s worked for me today & has given me meeting reminders on time.

It’s still showing down for me (on a browser - the cache on my Android is all working just fine) and a quick check of the news updates says it’s down for some large number of users.

ETA: Ah, interesting. Somehow the error message overrode the URL associated with that pinned (and locked, and protected) FF tab, and so would only reload the error, and barred trying to navigate to the correct one. Unlocked it, pasted in the corrected URL, relocked, all fine.

Interesting bug in tab protection etc. But I think some users are still down.

It’s worked for me today on my phone & has given me meeting reminders on time.

I hadn’t used it in a browser today; just tried & it appears to be okay.

Works for me here on Time Warner in Ohio. It’s my homepage so I see it every morning when I log in. I have been relying on it more lately, and now it’s even better since I have a smart phone.