Google Earth: Interesting Finds

The has found (compiled) several interesting Google Earth images. Click the link and look down towards the bottom in the section called Related stories here:

I have done some research and found a couple of my own interesting finds (below). Have you found any…?
Cliff Burton’s Crash Site

Cliff Burton’s **Google Earth ** Crash Site Image:

Theodor Eicke’s Crash Site:

Theodor Eicke’s **Google Earth ** Crash Site Image:

For some reason there’s a random square of high definition off the coast of Guinea-Bissau. I haven’t found any others out there.

It fascinates me. There are a few boats in there but nothing else of interest.

I’ve scanned coast lines hoping to find whales but no luck.

I found, after long minute of searching, some remains of the Aqua Claudia just South-East of Rome. It is a kilometre long section where you can see the shadows of the arches against a farmers field. I’ve promised myself that when I visit Rome I’ll spend a night on top of one of those arches.