Google Field Trip... a really cool app

First of all, I have no connection to Google.

I stumbled upon this app and it is really cool. Basically it uses the GPS on your phone and lets you know interesting things about where you are or what is near you. Have you ever been somewhere and seen a strange statue or sculpture and wondered what the hell it was? Chances are that this app will tell you the story behind it.

I went to my daughter’s college and it told me all kinds of cool things about the history of some of the buildings. Even waiting to pick up my son from a training I found out about a nearby neighborhood pool that had been instrumental in the foundation of swim clubs in the area. I learned that the three well known buildings that I used to work in were originally supposed to be nine… to house the paper documents for an insurance company. Sitting at work I found out that Lincoln had given a speech on his way to his inauguration a couple of miles from where I was.

It also tells about restaurants and bars, but you can tailor it to what you are interested in. I’m sure some will be paranoid that it is “tracking your movements” but my life really isn’t interesting enough that I would care about that.

Anyway… seemed like the nerdy kind of thing Dopers may be interested in.

Does it work internationally? In Canada? Overseas?

To the best of my knowledge it does. I’ve not personally tried it though.

Sitting in my family room… I found out that Gloria Gaynor will be performing tomorrow at a venue 1.1 miles away… Abba will be there next weekend. There is a cafe 2.0 miles away that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (been there it is good), and something about a semi pro baseball team in the area that apparently only existed one year in 1999.

Anyone else tried it? If so, what is going on around you.