Google hi-jack

Lately, when I search using Google, I am often interrupted with a different Search screen…one that searches all search engines.

I don’t like to be interrupted…is there a way to disable this super-search screen?

You should consider the possibility that your computer is infected with adware of some sort. What is the url of this other search screen? If it’s something you’ve never heard of, there’s a decent chance you’re infected.

(1) Download adaware and spybot and run them (but don’t search for them with google!!)

(2) With a different search engine, search on the domain name of the other search screen to see if there is spyware associated with it.

(3) Try to remove whatever spyware is left after adaware and spybot are done.

This sounds like the same problem my co-worker had last week. Ad-aware and Spybot did not fix the problem. You should try them anyway just in case but he found the fix at this site:

Just run the CW shredder.

Did that, and it seemed to work.