Google in German?

Lately I’ve noticed that when I go on to google it will be in German. Even the ads on the dope are often in German; plus I get German yahoo pop ups. Does anyone else get this or did I run across some German spyware while surfing? I don’t even remember going to any German language websites. It’s not a major problem but it mystifies me.

It comes up in English for me.

I’d think that going to and selecting English as your Interface Language would override any non-Google settings.

What ISP do you use? One possible explanation would be that your ISP allocates your IP address out of a range that the database which Google uses for localization mistakenly assumes is used for internet access in a German-speaking country. You could look at the IP address you use when next that this effect occurs, then whois at ARIN and RIPE to see whom (which ISP) the IP address is issued to.

Zair is nussing going wrong here. Pleass back to your normal routine go.

Alles in Ordnung!

What does it say in Windows under Control Panel | Regional and language settings ?