Google maps adds bicycle directions

Woot. I’ve been wanting something like this for a while. And as a bonus, it helped me find a reasonable looking route so I can commute to my new workplace. (I had a very easy 15 minute bike ride to my previous work place, but then my situation changed and now I have to go across town. This was back in November, but I wasn’t particularly motivated to figure it out then for some reason…)

Though really it also confirms just how horrible Boston is as a bicycle-friendly city. There are very few dedicated bike paths, and most those are constantly jam-packed with joggers and old ladies walking their dogs. And it’s hard enough to slog through the city with a car…

If biking is too hard, google will let you take the bus, too.

It still needs some fine tuning. I plunked in two points I ride between often, and it gave me some directions I think are really stupid. It told me to bike 7 miles upriver and cross the river there, instead of using the much safer (less traffic), much less hillier, dedicated bike path river crossing that is also closer.