Google Nexus One, AT&T, and EDGE

So the Google Nexus One won’t be able to access AT&T’s 3G network

I guess that would leave you to access AT&T’s EDGE network


is AT&T’s deployment/version of edge fast enough for web browsing? I don’t care to watch television on my phone, but I don’t want dial-up speeds when browsing websites.

I have also heard (rumors, musings - nothing official) that many carriers have crippled/degraded the quality of their EDGE networks because the EDGE protocol is fast enough, but they obviously want to push their 3G stuff
So, is the Google Nexus One worth it (not a money thing) if you’re going to be using AT&T’s network? For other reasons, an iPhone is not an option really. Just curious about Google and AT&T

Its pretty bad. EDGE as a protocol tops off at a max of 384k and you’ll never get the max on any cell carrier - too many wasted time slots. When my iphone goes to EDGE its unusable. Im lucky to get 30-50kbps.

I have an original (ie, non-3G) iPhone and live in an area without 3G, so it’s Edge all the way for me.

Yes, it’s slow. But it’s far from unusable, at least some of the time. For example, all summer I ran and listened to Pandora on my iPhone via Edge with very few delays.

When you’re inside, it’s hit & miss. Sometimes it gets unusably slow. Sometimes it’s just slow. But I use it to do things like look up prices in stores and such, and though I can’t call it snappy, it’s usable.

I don’t see a huge difference at the moment between the Nexus One and the iPhone. Why is the iPhone not an option?

I refuse to enter into 2-year service agreements for the thing.

I am not above poking around and seeing if I can get a brand new iphone on ebay, but my understanding of how they work is that all of them have to be activated by AT&T, so I won’t ever get a new-in-box iPhone.

Plus, I try to stay away from crApple if I can.

I should add… I’m not paying 500 dollars for a contract-free iPhone that is still network-locked to AT&T

You can go to Best Buy, buy an unlocked iPhone, and have any network activate it.

can you direct me to something that demonstrates that Best Buy is able to sell non sim-locked iPhones, when Apple won’t even do that?

The real downside is that if you buy an iphone on your own you do not get a discount on monthly service even though you didnt get a subsidy! At least t-mobile will shave off 20 bucks a month if you buy your own phone.

I’ll take that back. It seems the SIM is still locked, but there’s software that’ll unlock it, and it could be reset with any firmware updates.

i’d like to not have to use dubious (i.e. not sanctioned) software which would probably void my warranty

curious about this firmware update thing though… when you say “could be reset” do you mean that apple could remove it if they so chose with a firmware update, or do you mean that any firmware update will remove it as a consequence of the update.

One- one- huge difference is that Android is an (mostly) open source OS, whereas the iPhone is under Apple’s fist of steel.

But what benefit does that currently grant the end user? Because hardware is still locked down, I’m under the impression that a lot of the improvements made to the platform don’t “trickle down” to existing hardware the way an ideal open environment might.

To the OP: EDGE is lousy for web browsing but not wholly unusable. It IS fast enough for many connected apps (like weather or newsreaders or restaurant finders) and is generally fast enough for Google Maps to keep up while driving. And the N1 does use wifi, so you CAN hop on to any of the ever-growing number of free wifi hotspots.

3G is way better, but EDGE has uses.

A big thing is that I’m not beholden to apple and their seal of approval for applications.

Im have an iphone. I cant do:

  1. Wireless tethering.
  2. Use slingbox software over 3G (Slingbox will be releasing a app shortly for Android)
  3. Bluetooth gimped for only headsets, not any other features.
  4. No way to upload custom ring tones.
  5. Cant export full quality photos. Only email low quality (different on OSX).
  6. Lack of running apps simultaneously.
  7. Abilty to use Google Voice.
  8. Ability to use Opera or 3rd party browsers.
  9. Ability to use 3rd party mail programs.
  10. Free ssh client.
  11. Ability to use the Google Latitude app.
  12. Censorship, notable the Kama Sutra.

Many of the Android (or even WinMob) phones address most of these issues. Id say the end user has A WHOLE HECK OF A LOT to gain by some competition and without Apple putting its morals and monopoly protections into the phones.

I have 22 custom ring tones on my iPhone. The process is ridiculously simple. Four steps from song to ringtone, right in iTunes.

I’m in Google Latitude on my iPhone right now. It’s part of the larger Google App for iPhone.

Blame AT&T. I tethered on Rogers (Canada) over Christmas and it worked great.

I’m not sure I understand this. You can pull them off the iPhone in full quality under Windows. Look in My Computer when you plug the iPhone in. It appears as a mobile device you can go into to retrieve pictures and videos, just like any normal digital camera.

Partly true. There are loads of alternative browsers on the App Store. The stipulation from Apple however is that they must use the built-in WebKit framework.

Works fine for me.

Apple have eased up to a certain degree, but they will still not allow nudity (whether real or drawn) on the App Store. The swearing issue was cleared up with OS 3.0’s parental controls.

Oh, yes, I can connect it and get my photos via USB but THE ORIENTATION OF THE PHOTOS ARE COMPLETELY WRONG. Seriously Apple, you can orient them correct via the USB transfer?

Thanks for the update on Lattitude. I guess google bribed the right people in Apple’s censorshop hierarchy or threatened a lawsuit. Small developers are still screwed and hobbyists like myself need to pay Apple $100 for a license to deploy apps to a real phone as opposed to a simulator. Android has free development just like BB, WinMob, Palm, etc.

Actually its 100% true. I cannot run 3rd party browsers or email clients because Apple refuses them on the premise of redundant functionality, or in others words they purposely remove your choice and fear competition from better browsers like Opera. A different frame around webkit IS THE SAME BROWSER.

They know Im an adult as they have my name, dob, SS#, etc. No excuse for this. None at all. This is just pandering to conservative middle america and lazy parents.

I call BS on this. The censorship is worse than ever. The monopoly protection is worse than ever.

Considering the iphone is AT&T only and we do not know the deal Apple has with them, I’ll blame them both. Heck, I blame Apple directly for some of these things. For instance, I can run the slingbox client over 3G with a BB on ATT but not an iphone. Funny how that works.

So still no third party browser/mailer. Still no real bluetooth. Still the same censorship and monopoly protection. Still no multitasking. Still no google voice and who knows how many other denied applications. Still no wireless tethering. Still no slingbox over 3G.

The end user has quite a bit to gain from competitors with more open formats. Its not an academic or geek thing. It results in real benefits for even the lowliest technophobe.

Why does the OP need to use AT&T? The phone can be bought unlocked and used with any carrier.

This can be done in other countries and with jailbroken phones in the US.

I think this is a case where AT&T said the streaming app couldn’t be allowed and Apple went with it. Neither side would admit it, but I think it’s likely based on the behavior of the parties involved.

This is Apple’s fault. They added some BT functionality with the last major patch, which shows that’s a software limitation they should probably fix. I’ll add voice dialing to the complaint list. My old RAZR had voice dialing via bluetooth. Apple, put this on the old generation 1 and 2 phones. My understanding is that the 3GS has some voice recognition.

This can easily be done with iTunes.

I’m not sure what this problem refers to, but complaining about the quality of a cell phone camera download is like complaining that a Geo Metro doesn’t have enough horsepower. It’s not meant for high quality pictures.

These are problems solved by a jailbreak.

I would love to see Opera with it’s compression and ability to disable images on my iPhone. This one’s Apple’s fault, and I’m not aware of a jailbreak fix.

I haven’t looked into it, but there may be a jailbreak solution out there. The default app works for me, but I’m not exactly a power user.

This should be the first program a jailbreaker downloads. Jailbroken phones are vulnerable to a virus unless they change the default root password.

I don’t know much about this one, but I thought it was approved as a web app.

Let me get this straight, Apple: I can use my browser to go online to, but if creates an app to access their site, it gets rejected. Again, Apple needs to remove its head from its rectum.

I have an iPhone 3G. I like it, but there are some serious issues that need to be addressed. When I bought it, there was only one Android phone available and the phone didn’t get great reviews. (They weren’t bad, but they weren’t enough to pass up the app store for.) Also, AT&T offered the best plan for me and my wife.

I’m satisfied with my phone, but Apple and AT&T need to address some issues before I buy another phone from them.

As to the OP, I wouldn’t want to be on the AT&T network if you had the choice. After living with the iPhone for a year and dealing with the AT&T 3G coverage issues, I’m willing to pay a little more for a better network. Not a lot, but a little.

I can’t stand EDGE. 3G is so much faster, and Wifi at home or hotspots spoiled me. It’s like going from dial-up to DSL. The dial-up was workable at the time, but once I had DSL, there was no going back.

And don’t ask why nakedpeopleeatingbugs is my example of an app Apple wouldn’t approve. I’ve asked myself the same thing.