Google Satellite Maps Show Tsunami Damage

I may be a bit behind the power curve but I searched 3 different ways and didn’t find a previous thread.

I was looking at Google satellite images of the devastation in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. First of all I was surprised that the images were updated already. Some of the Google map images I’ve looked at in the past have been 3+ years old. Then, when I zoomed in to street view, I found what it used to look like!

Very interesting to see the before/after.

Links might help.

Well here’s a stupid question. The only thing in the address bar is which doesn’t take you to the area that I’m looking at.

How do I capture the exact location that I’m looking at?

I just entered Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan in Google maps.

ETA: Oops, think I found it…

Random devastation

Here are interactive before and after images:

Those are very cool vertizontal. The power of water simply stuns this land-locked mid-western girl.