Goose Step

If Trump (God Forbid!), wins the election, will our military be required to “Goose Step” when they march?

I think you have to be more specific, given that the other dictators he loves rule over militaries employing different versions of the goose step. Which dictator does he love the most? (I mean besides himself.)

I’m going to say no. Trump didn’t have the military goose stepping in his first term. So apparently that particular form of homage is one that doesn’t appeal to him.

Well, they kind of already do.

Yeah really. Fancy/Silly Marches of one nature or another are equal-opportunity affectations on the part of militaries of all sorts of ideological leanings and martial traditions.

Are you crazy? Marching wears out their exercise batteries!

They’ll be issued Trump-branded golf carts (at their expense, naturally) for their reviews.

Trump doesn’t particularly like the military. (He’s more partial to MAGA militias.) I can’t imagine him taking the slightest interest in their marching style.

The trappings of American Fascism will be American, not German. That’s the whole point.

It’s easy to find know-it-alls who’d see any photo of a German from the 1940’s and say “obviously Nazis.” Even this photo:

Future know-it-alls could look at any photo of an American from our era, no matter the subject’s class, race or grooming style, and say “obviously MAGA.”

And maybe they’d be right, for all their facile ignorance. Although ignorance is what causes it to happen over and over.

Do you think maybe it would help to explain why “even this photo”?

Apologies to anyone who didn’t recognize Sophie Scholl.

I fear that when he dies, those of us who don’t exhibit uncontrollable grief will be sent off to the gulag.

I figure he’s tacky enough to readily wear epaulets if A) he knew what they’re called and B) he could successfully speak or spell it.

But he did want a military parade. Who knows how he would have expected them to walk?

After serving over 25 years in the army I can say that one thing we are really bad at is drill and ceremony. Once you get out of basic and aside for a few small ceremonial units, they do very little beyond knowing how to stand in formation. Goose stepping is too advanced.