Goosebumps on command

I seem to be the only person I know who can make my skin burst forth with goosebumps on command. All I have to do is think about my teeth clenching down on a napkin and there they are. Never loses its effect either. I can do it all day long every 2 seconds if I want to.

Just curious, can anyone else do this? Or is it really common and I just don’t have a lot of friends to ask?

Nope, sounds pretty weird to me.

What kind of napkin? :wink:

Some drink at the fountain of knowledge…others just gargle.

I know what you mean! However, though teeth on a paper napkin skeeves me out, teeth on aspirin bottle cotton gives me the actual goosebumps. Or teeth on concrete, or brick…now that is probably weird.

Well, I just tried to give myself goosebumps and it worked. Unfortunate side effect for a woman getting goosebumps: Hard nipples. AKA “My turkey is done.”

I won’t be doing that again.

saraam said:

and it cracked me up!

My out-skeevers:

  1. Fingernails on a blackboard.
  2. Touching the back of particleboard - that cross-hatched stuff, you know? Eeek!

And the worst was what I saw on TV once. This guy was filing his teeth with a huge metal file - I think it was some South American tribe or something.

Crap. Turkey’s done again.

Cardboard against cardboard.

Styrofoam against styrofoam, or anything against stryrofoam.

Fingernails against drywall.

But the absolute worst is…

Fingernails on a car.

I can’t take it. I get lightheaded when I hear it. In the movie U-Turn, which I don’t recommend anyway, Billy Bob Thornton scrapes something metal against the hood of a car, and everyone in the audience started losing it. Another reason not to see it.

Oh, I thought of another one. I was in a used bookstore, and discussing with the owner the possiblity of his doing a book search for me. During this, he started cleaning his pipe with a knife, and got just the right angle against the wood to make the most horrifying screeching sound on earth. He didn’t understand why I was making those faces, or why I finally ran outside and waited until he was finished. They say you can’t make a noise to annoy yourself…

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The sound of snowsuits rubbing together, and people showing their ability to be double jointed. These really give me the eebie jeebies.

All we really needed to know we learned in Kindergarden

There is this man. In my life. He just says one word to me. Goosebumps. Swear to God. It’s amazing. Scary. Wonderful. I’m not kidding. His voice drives me crazy! I’m trying to get it to happen on my own. No dice. Hmmmm. Thinking about his voice isn’t the same. I guess I need the real thing… uh, I’m going to stop now… :wink: