GOP gained ground in middle-class communities in 2016

GOP gained ground in middle-class communities in 2016.

With Tax cuts, economic growth, and possibly infrastructure spending, I have hard time seeing Trump losing support in this group in 2020.

Well, good thing absolutely nothing has changed since then.

Please keep us updated on these subtle but crucial shifts in your opinion.

But is each group equally energized to vote in 2016 vs. 2020?

No possibility of infrastructure spending increases–the Trump proposals are all about states, localities and the private companies putting up the funds–not the federal government.

Some of us still believe that middle-class communities believe in environmental protection (safe, drinkable water, swimmable lakes, fishable streams, breathable air) – in contrast Trump and the Republicans wants to abolish the EPA); America’s status in the world (Trump is considered an idiot in most of the world); help for the disadvantaged (in contrast Trump wants to gut the safety net); civility (grabbing women’s pussies doesn’t quite meet this criteria).

On the other hand few here would be surprised if the Democrats come up with a poor candidate running a poor campaign–like Clinton in 2016.

If you saying the water problem in Flint MI is Trump’s fault, or the air quality has visibly gone down since 2018, you can show us here.

I would not rule out Clinton running again. A cringe worthy thought, I know.

Nobody mentioned Flint in this thread until you did. Trump did loosen regulation on water pollution, like revoking the Stream Protection Rule.

Flint’s water problem is a direct result of actions taken by Michael Brown, the emergency manager appointed by governor Rick Snyder.

Rules for air quality have only been changed in the past few months.

Wait – are you talking about the middle class, or are you talking about the people who got tax cuts?

Everybody gets one! Mine will come in the form of a McDonald’s coupon. (Do they serve brown rice and veggies?)

I too have hard time. Stoli helps.

If hard time longer than four hour, seek medical attentions.

Last I checked, 2016 is somewhere in the past.

Approval/disapproval currently 42/53, and that’s before today’s shitshow in Helsinki. Best of luck to ya.

A lot depends on this specific President’s performance, but a lot also depends on long term shifts in the parties’ coalitions. The Democratic Party just isn’t all that interested in the middle class anymore…

Clinton did lost more middle class communities (which includes much of the Blue collar vote) than Obama did in '08. Well duh. If she hadn’t she’d be president today. She did worst of all in those communities in PA and slightly less so in WI, MI, and IN.

Yup. That happened.

And if indeed Trump in 2020 does as well in those communities against whoever the Democratic standard bearer is then, then Trump would likely win again.

So yes Silver lining if you are correct and tax cuts, etc. allow Trump to keep or grow that support then he’ll win again and we’ll likely even see a Red wave in November. Which is completely consistent with the special election results, the generic Congressional polling, and the Trump approval ratings we been seeing.

Seriously, the middle class has seen that most of the tax cuts have gone not to them (but the piper to be paid later will be paid by them and their kids), that the pittance they’ve seen of it will be swamped by higher costs due to tariffs and undermining Obamacare, and that corporate profits and portfolio values have kept up the rise that began during Obama up but wages not so much so. Those things are not translating into middle class love.

But wages are rising for the first time in forever and Democrats are doing everything they can to put a stop to it, from allowing companies to import more and more foreign labor, to environmental restrictions on building new factories and exploring for new oil, to wanting to increase taxes on job creators.

Trump will probably lose in 2020, but I believe that for most elections for the forseeable future the Democrats will solidly lose the middle class vote, and if they actually try to enact their agenda in 2021 the backlash will be even more severe than it was in 2010, 2014, and 2016.

How exactly are Democrats doing that? What government branch are they in control of?

Average wages increased ~20% between 2009 and 2016.

pfft, who cares about breathable air? What has air ever done for you? Screw the air, it’s always pushing people around, knocking down fences, blowing away hats…frankly it’s a bully and someone needs to stand up to it.

If you elect me in 2020, I’ll construct massive fans all around the edge of the country and blow all the air out. You know some of this air just floated over from mexico right? It’s probably been in the lungs of rapists and paedophiles…my opponent wants your lungs filled with paedophile rapist air, no not people who rape paedophiles, paedophiles who rape.

Let’s Make America Airless Again, just like it was in that golden age when the sun had just formed and the Earth was nothing more than a cloud of hot dust; taxes were low, no-one complained about the infrastructure and there weren’t all these damned liberals about.


Holy shit.
“from allowing companies to import more and more foreign labor” There are companies that really need to import foreign labor. Many low wage jobs in agriculture simply don’t attract enough American labor. Of course, there are a few deadbeats like Mar-a-Lago that just want to pay shit wages so they import labor.

"environmental restrictions on building new factories " We’re all for new factories, but we’re also for preserving the environment. European and Japanese companies seem to be able to handle being environmentally responsible, I think Americans can, too.

“exploring for new oil” In other words, fuck the Arctic wildlife refuge. Screw the people with oil in their drinking water thanks to fracking.

“wanting to increase taxes on job creators” Pathetic. Give the rich more money and they keep it for themselves. I recall a meeting of corporate exec types and someone asked for a show of hands who was going to take their tax windfall and reinvest in the company. Very few hands went up.

Do you honestly think that any of that stuff you are throwing up against the wall will stick? I don’t mean here, I know you know it won’t here, but that any outside of the hard 30ish percent that is Trump’s floor in the “middle class” will buy that?

Sorry but the GOP is the enemy of the middle class.

The middle class did get tax cuts. Perhaps those who aren’t happy with the tax cuts can check a box to return their refunds.

I’m more than sure 95% of the Dems against the tax cut won’t do that.