GOP: 'We can't tell you who's on the platform committee'

Yes, they’re that batshit in their control-freakiness.
Apparently, Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) wanted to try to change one plank of the GOP platform. I’m sure Tancredo’s just as aware as I am that the days where the platform was hashed out at the convention are history, but he was going to give it the good college try. The platform committee turned down his amendments before the convention, but:

Emphasis mine.

Batshit craziness. Just totally batshit.

And just so you don’t have to ask, “What about the Dems?” I mean, gimme a break. Nobody can keep up with the Bushies and the GOP in the stranger-than-fiction department anymore.

One more piece of corroboration: the GOP Convention website.

And if you don’t give the password:

Com e on Rufus, give them a break. They are being very brave, coming out against terrorism at all. It would be too much to reveal their identities, what if Osama found out?

I can’t wait to hear the Bushistas justification for this one. Though if I were responsible for that platform, I’d be ashamed too.

Magic Johnson is on the Democratic platform committee?


Strange thing is, I can swear that I saw the Republican platform committee holding a meeting on C-SPAN.

Were their faces all blurred out?

No, and I can swear that Bill Frist was serving as Chairman of the Platform Committee.

Ahh, I wasn’t hallucinating.

It’s very simple, really. You can see the Platform Committee any time they aren’t in their office. If they do come in, you’ll have to go out and wait till they leave again.