"Gor," anyone?

The series about slaves, masters, Priest-kings, etc.

I read this series as a teen after I read ERB’s “John Carter” and “Carson” series. I thought it would be similar.

Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Anyway, does anyone have any info on the author(s) of this series? I’m under the impression that a number of different people wrote these stories.

Any idea why the series stopped?

Maybe they blew everything up as a series finale, and I missed it.

John Norman. May be a pseudonym, but at least it’s a place to start looking.


says his real name is John Frederick Lange, Jr. Born 1931; still living. He’s evidently written at least 25 of the things, the most recent in 1988.

I also found a page somewhere listing him as one of the guests at a convention, which said something about a “blacklist” and made references to censorship… which might have some connection to why the series stopped.

There must be at least 20 Gor chat rooms on AOL, but they won’t talk to you unless you have a Gor-like profile.
If you have AOL, you could create a screen name something like SwrdOfThor and drop in. (Beware, some of them take it very seriously. One word out of character and they’ll “click” ya.)

If they stopped publishing him, thank god! That trash was some of the most stupid and disgusting trash put out by DAW Books. Women as pleasure slaves existing to please men isn’t exactly a message that ought to be successful.