"Gorden Ramsay: Cook Along Live" --wtf????

About three minutes in I said “This is horrible.”

And then I repeated it at least every ten minute throughout the entire show. I kniow I should have turned it off but I was stuck somewhere between horror and disbelief.

Why? Why would anyone think this was a good idea for a show?

GR, the man we’ve enjoyed watching swearing at and eviscerating chefs and restaurateurs, the chef with unbelievably demanding standards – why, yes, of course we’ll enjoy watching him make badly timed and lame jokes with C list celebrities and praising every single dish made by dozens of people across the country.

Even the outfit. What, a white coat is too intimidating? Okay, but did you have to go all the way to a blue and white checked short sleeve shirt?

I just couldn’t believe what I watching.

What in the world were they aiming at? A ‘feel good’ cooking show with GR?

Did anyone else watch this? Or maybe it was a nightmare induced by food poisoning…

I watched it and enjoyed it. I like seeing him cook for a change, and it’s refreshing to see him in a better mood. If you thought it was that bad, have you not seen what else is on TV these days?

I gave it twenty minutes but couldn’t take it anymore, and I LOVE GR’s British show. This seems like an Americanized version of “The F Word”, which is great because he’s genuinely Gordon in that show- it has lower level celebs but they are natural and interesting people (love the episode where he had the girl from Love, Actually learn to cook lamb or something like that) plus he pits himself against friends and foodies with a VERY casual competition between two people or teams. It’s funny, real and a great show that should be on network tv instead of what I watched tonight. I will console myself with his new episodes of the UK Kitchen Nightmares.

I am mildly suprised that there hasn’t been a US version of The F Word, seeing as almost all his other UK shows (including Cookalong Live) get remade there.

Are these airing now or at some point in the future? I loved RKN. It was way more raw than the bleeped US version (some episodes were just long strings of bleep with an announcer in between) and Gordon made the staff work hard instead of just giving their restaurant a makeover. The UK restaurants didn’t always make it either, something the show was much less shy about than the US version.

There are new (or at least, new for the US audience) episodes of RKN airing now on BBC America. I think last week’s was the first of the season.

It would seem that he needs the money. Better men have done worse for less. <cough> Michael Caine!<cough>

I kind of enjoyed it. Sure, it wasn’t The F Word, but it was fun and casual. I thought perhaps the pace was a little too fast for the average home cook, but I guess not since everyone seemed to have a completed dish at the end.

And also, ever since his American shows started some people have been complaining that he’s much kinder and gentler in the UK versions. Now we have a show with him showing his kinder and gentler side and some (presumably other) people are griping that he’s not yelling and swearing every 7 seconds. The guy just can’t win.

GLEE! :smiley:

I’ve not yet watched my recording of CAL yet, so I’ll reserve judgment.

I’d love to see a US version of Fword, as long as it has Gordon. But generally, I have to agree with the previous posts that his UK versions are generally better overall.

This was my impression too. Of course, some of the guest dishes didn’t look quite like Ramsay’s, but then, the guests are not professional chefs and likely don’t cook like this every day. They probably tasted pretty good though.

One other reason I liked the show was because while Ramsay always makes it look easy, the guests’ ability to follow along and do what was required proved that it was indeed within the capability of a non-professional. Heck, I could do what they were doing–maybe not in as short a time, but I think I could do it.

My SO and I tried to cook along. Made it through the pasta-sans-shrimp (barely). I felt very rushed to keep up, probably exacerbated by the fact that the TV was in another room, and we had to leave the kitchen to hear what he was saying. On the main course. Feeling rushed, I ended up searing the steaks (only two–couldn’t keep up enough to get the other two done) in a nonstick skillet. Heard Gordon say to put the potatoes into something, but I never figured out what that something was. At this point, I was hopelessly behind until the recap came along. After this we tried to finish it off.

End result: the Steak Diane turned out really good. Potatoes were burn on the outside and not even close to done on the inside (why? Too little oil? Wrong heat? Because I cut them along the width rather than along the length?). There are still bits of charred steak attached to my nonstick skillet, and it looks like the teflon is stripped off in paces, so it’s probably ruined.

All in all, I didn’t enjoy the show. Would not try to cook along again.

That sounds like a perfect time to DVR the show and play it at your own speed.

I thought I’d enjoy it, but I couldn’t get past the incredible ineptitude of the celebrities. Couldn’t they get a star that could use a friggin’ knife?
Gordon was also going a little too fast.

(And Alison Hannigan didn’t even take her clothes off!)

Yeah, I had a major quibble with that, too.

The F Word isn’t vulgar and banal enough to merit a North American version.