Goretex and the like

I’d like to get material coated with Goretex (or some similar stuff). I just want the coated nylon material, not a garment, or tent. I’ve looked up the W L Gore site and they say they only sell to specific garment manufacturers. There are other similar materials (like Toddtex) but I can’t seem to find anything specific on the web about companies that will sell me bolts of the material. Any ideas out there?

This is a WAG, but you might try REI at

I didn’t see anything obvious on the site, but I think the stores carry it – or they used to carry it.

First, GT isn’t a coating. It’s a PTFE (PolyTetraFloroEthylene, poorly spelled) laminate. Usually it comes in two or three ply versions, often sandwiched between protective layers.

In a normal 3-ply GT raincoat, the outer layer is the abrasive resistant shell, coated with a DWR (Durable, Water-Resistant) spray. It’s the DWR that makes water bead up on the jacket surface, and it needs to be reapplied periodically. When the DWR fails, water “sheets” on the shell and prevents the GT from doing its job. Many times people thing the GT has failed when in fact the DWR needs reapplication. The middle layer is the GT laminate on a light fabric, then a light inner layer to protect the GT.

There’s also 2-ply which is lighter but a bit more delicate, since there’s less protection on the inner surface.

Anyways, visit http://www.seattlefabrics.com for your outdoors fabric needs. They are highly recommended by people who make their own gear.

If you just want coated material, there are serveral sources online.The Cloth Spot 1-800-734-0062Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics in Nampa, Idaho (800) 693-7467Seattle Fabrics of Seattle, Washington (206) 632-6022…(this is getting a little comercial so I’ll stop now)

Try running a search for “coated fabric”, “suppliers, fabric” or even “Goretex”. Also Ultralight Hiking sites usually have links to fabric suppliers.
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What do you need it for? When I worked in a mountaineering store many years ago, we sold it by the yard. It’s very expensive and not suited - or necessary - for many applications (not that that stops companies from marketing it for inappropriate products). Anyway, I bet you could get by with something cheaper and simpler.