Gospel backup singers in rock songs

Does anyone hate this as much as I do? The only song I’ve heard where I like this is David Bowie’s Young Americans.

Since much of rock and roll derives from gospel, why do you hate it?

What are the songs that you don’t like? I can’t think of an example of what you’re talking about.

Have you heard Gimme’ Shelter?

Surely this phenomenon reached its apex somewhere around your location, Ilsa? :slight_smile:

Well, it’s not exactly all that common is it? Especially recently. Only example I can think of from, say, less than 5 years ago is “Downfall” on Matchbox Twenty’s More Than You Think You Are. Which used the effect fantastically, IMO.

I like U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m looking For (live version)”.

I always enjoyed Foreigner’s * I Want to Know What Love Is*. Lou Gramm was backed up by the New Jersey Mass Choir.

Sorry about the vagueness.
I’m referring to things like Joe Cocker’s cover of A Little Help From My Friends. The chorus has a female gospel choir or something like that. I’m referring to that type of thing.
I have the feeling that I’m making myself look stupid here.

Okay. I mean the energetic female backup singers whose voices appear in certain songs.
I don’t have anything against choirs in general, I love The Sisters of Mercy’s song Dominion/Mother Russia.