Gospel Bread, hot from the oven!

Fred Phelps has finally come clean. It’s not about God anymore, it’s about him!


It’s not titled “Hear the Word of the Lord!” or some such, it’s “Hear Fred Phelps”

As Bugs Bunny(dirty crossdresser that he is) would say “What a maroon!”

I am no Christian myself, but I think nearly all of them would agree with me that Fred’s message has always been about him and never had much to do with Christianity.

If Osama and his cronies want to do another terrorist attack I wonder if we could point them in Phelps’ direction.

No wait …

“Please, Mr. Osama, whatever you do don’t blow up Fred Phelps!!! He’s one of our nations greatest leaders and a national treasure!”
That oughta do it …

Great! I had some “Starter” all ready to go.

Thanks for nuthin’!



Sweet, Abby! Just one thing, I live in Topeka too, let’s figure out how to localize whatever happens! :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant Abbie of course. :smack:

This flier must offend you on two levels, Baker. Both as a Christian and as a baker. :smiley:

Well, it IS hot and dark, and it does have something emanating from it.

Can’t say much for the rest of the comparison between bread and shit, though.

“Fresh-baked Sermons…”

Well, that’s half true, anyway.

As an aside, how is it that I don’t remember noticing WBC’s perfect “zip” code before?

More like “half-baked sermons”.

I guess I need to work on my delivery. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, Larry, that’s been a Fred staple for years! Further proof of how evil Topeka is. Another thing he doesn’t like is the name of the mascot of Washburn University of Topeka. Washburn teams are “Ichabods”, for Ichabod Washburn, who very early in the history of Lincoln College(1868-ish?)gave $25000 to the struggling school and ended up getting it renamed for him. Fred says that the name Ichabod is anti-God, as it’s meaning, given in the Old Testament(Fred’s really fond of the OT) is “the glory of God has departed”. Oh, Oh! And Topeka being called “The Golden City” is a sign of the Apocalypse, and that is the name given in Revelations for ancient Babylon.