Got a good question recently from a friend re a cat's death

I think I’ve got it. My response to Marty will be pretty much the following:

"Marty, I could give you legal reasons why Ford’s ashes cannot be scattered at the farm where he was born, and why you need not honour your agreement with Old Farmer. But I won’t.

Instead, I’ll ask you to think about Ford. Where he lived, how he lived, and what he liked to do.

For most of his life, he lived in your house. You made sure that his food and water bowls were always full. Ford liked sleeping on your couch, and in front of your fireplace. He went outside, and enjoyed your yard, and the park beyond.

Marty, you gave Ford a home; the only home he ever really knew. He likely remembers nothing of his kittenhood, as you and I remember little of our early childhoods. Scattering his ashes at the Farm would mean nothing to him. But in the park, in your yard, he would be at home. You owned him for 16 years, Marty–he is more yours than Old Farmer’s at the old farm. Let him rest on familiar ground."

If Old Farmer would like to be there by Marty for the scattering in the park, great. If he complains, tough. Ford was Marty’s cat. Marty ought to consider his pet over a 16-year-old oral promise, and let Ford lie where he was happy and comfortable.

Thanks, folks!

(And I will buy Marty a beer after the scattering.)

Nice! Then the new owner can get pictures of the plane illegally dumping refuse on his property, and make sure the pilot and Marty are arrested and prosecuted.

There’s no situation, explanation, vow, promise, oath, or bond that excuses Marty trespassing and littering on the new farm owner’s property.

Overflight is not trespassing in the US, with a few high-security areas excepted.

At night, no advance notice.

Or a model airplane - crash it, or come up with the ultimate it remote control of a bomb bay.

I think the new farmer is being pretty petty by not allowing the ashes to be scattered on his farm (what’s a half of cup of ashes scattered on a huge farm?), but his farm, his rules. I wouldn’t scatter them anywhere on the farm without his knowledge, and he has already said no.

LOL. Are you suggesting a Mission Impossible for a dead cat’s ashes?
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spread the ashes of wittle kitty witties, in a single prop airplane, over grumpy old Joe’s farm under the cloak of night. As always, should you or any of your I.M. Force be caught or killed, the Straight Dope will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This post will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck.

The condo association probably has rules against that. At this point whatever spell it was that required boomerang cat ashes has probably dissipated and therefore won’t work, even if your friend does dutifully add the last component. And even if it hasn’t dissipated, it’s way to late for it to help him keep the farm.

:rolleyes: What?