Got a job! I can eat next month.

So I was hired for a teaching position. Really great job and I’m excited about the position in addition to being excited about having a job. Couple of reflections on the job hunt:

When did it shift from managers wanting the most qualified person? Maybe it’s a Colorado thing but it seems the hiring people have no desire to hire the most qualified person out there. Not saying that’s a good or bad thing, but it sure seems different than just a few years ago. It’s all about fit. There are so many people applying for each job that it’s not about who’s qualified since at least 20 applicants are. It’s about who fits in best with the culture of the company.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! One principal wanted to hire me to fill two part-time positions because he believes in full-time and not part-time teachers. I was excited to do both and I commited that if I were hired for the competitive position (100 candidates), I would do the non-competitive (9 other candidate but none with teaching experience or credentials) job too. The interview committee picked another candidate for the math position that said he would consider teaching the other classes (he met the minimum state requirements). They hire him and then he said that he wasn’t interested in the other position. Hard to not take a bite of Schadenfreude pie when I heard that.

It’s not about what you know but who you blow. I did some work at one school last year and felt sure that I would get hired when a position opened up because I worked very well with the principal and the AP of that department. Guess what, neither one of them was on the interview committee so I lost out to a student teacher from that school (see #1) that the interviewers really liked. I think that I got this job was because my new principal knows one of my former principals. I’ve had this happen before where 10% of my interview is them seeing if they like me and 90% of the interview being their talk with a former supervisor.

Whoohoo, congratulations! Job searching sucks so bad, especially when you’re qualified for jobs and aren’t getting them due to so much competition that it can come down to whoever smells the best, ugh.

good lord, what I understood about that sounded very harsh so all I can say is congratulations and I’m glad you don’t have to job hunt any more.

sounds like it sucks pretty badly!

Congrats on the new gig, SC.


Yippee! Yes. Job searching is awful. Your thread is making me happy.

Congratulations on employment.

Being unemployed suuuuuucks, but it is awesome when you finally find work, congrats! I hope it works out well for you.

Wishing you luck and joy in your new position.

Congratulations Saint Cad.

I agree with you that job hunting sucks right now. I work as a contractor and am trying to find a full-time job. But hiring managers tell me “But your resume shows you prefer contracting.” Hey, I gotta eat while job hunting so I don’t turn down contract positions. I’d rather have a longer-term job though.


Congratulations on the new job! Hope it all goes great for you from here on out.

Good for you! Yes, eating good. Nom nom… :smiley:

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! [/kermit the frog]

Congrats man!

Congratulations. I have read your threads and frustrations of being unemployed, and I cheer the hiring of great committed teachers anywhere. Good for you!

I knew Obama would come through for you! :wink:

That’s awesome. I’m happy to hear that food will be on the menu!!

It may make you feel better to learn that nepotism/connections, etc., have been important in hiring (including teaching positions) since, well, hiring has existed.

I wish you success in your new job! (Also, I wish your students success.)

I almost put as the title “I got a job. I guess I need to vote for Obama.” but then I remembered I lost my job under Obama. :stuck_out_tongue: