Got a new guitar. Yay!

So I went and picked up a Christmas present for myself. I’ve been needing a decent acoustic for a while now and my family kicked a bit of cash for Christmas so I could get a guitar.

I got a Taylor 114CE. I played a crap load of guitars in the past few weeks and this one stood out. Great action, nice neck and great response. It is a boomy little guitar, quite a bit of volume even though the body isn’t all that huge.

The guitar isn’t a top of the line Taylor, but I found it sounded better and played better than most of the more expensive guitars I played. There were two or three that I liked more but they were WAY out of my price range, like 4 or 5 times as expensive. I’m not a good enough acoustic player to go for a $3,500+ model.

I plan on recording something with it tomorrow. I’ll post it as soon as I get it done.


Hooray for you! I love the feeling of buying a new instrument. Can’t wait to hear your playing!

Me too! I’m always a sucker for learning new licks! I found the way to play the intro to Alice’s Restaurant on YouTube!

Have fun with your new “axe”, Slee!


Ah, you got a Grand Auditorium shaped Taylor. I have a Taylor 422R in that size and shape, and it’s my favorite fingerpicking acoustic. Congratulations, and nice choice!

Congratulations. I’m sure the two of you will be very happy together!

slee - Congrats on your new guitar. I hope it inspires you.

Inhale deeply!

Ah, that new-guitar smell!


Man, that’s a pretty guitar. That might be my new fantasy guitar, for purchase after I get decent on my current one, a Jay Turser parlor acoustic