Got a nifty dual function opener but don't know how to use it!

Yeah, I’m a sucker for stuff that goes on sale for an incredible price. But, this time, I got this gadget on sale at the military exchange last weekend for a very low price. I figured it’s made by a good company and it’s kind of obvious what it’s supposed to do. After all, you can readily see that it’ll open a bottle with no problems. The problem lies in that I don’t know how to open a can with it and there’s no obvious “tells” to let me know how it’s supposed to work. Nothing I’ve tried is working.

Has anyone here ever used the thing as a can opener? If so, describe the process please.

If you were thinking it’s supposed to open a can of vegetables? I think what they meant was a can of beer.

If you were thinking beer cans and can’t figure out how to use it? I would suggest turning it upside down and sliding the metal tab under the beer tab and prying it open, or if the back was made thin and slightly sharp, wedging that under the beer tab and prying.

You’re correct, I’ve seen them and it’s for opening bottles, like a bottle of beer or opening a can beer/soda. Like when ladies don’t want to ruin their nails by pulling the tab back on the can of soda or beer

Ah. That makes sense. I’ve a few cans that have pull tabs that are practically impossible to pull up. I haven’t had beer or any other kind of alcohol for ten years now, so that didn’t even occur to me.

Thanks for the info!

Anybody else see the irony of someone on the SDAB asking advice to use a gizmo?:dubious::smiley:

Hey, Science involves experimentation, right? I just experimented with it. Turns out that there’s a little slot on the back of the thing is for opening the tabbed cans. You don’t turn the gadget upside down for that, you merely turn it around and slide the gizmo onto the tab. That’s much better than the levers designed for the same purpose.

It sounds like a modern take on the old fashioned church key.

It’s just a bigger version of one of these.