Got a PS2 for my birthday and...

I could use a little advice:

  1. Can you suggest a relatively easy game or website where I can practice using the controls?

  2. Does having a wheel for games like Gran Turismo 3, et al, make it much easier to play?

  3. If I get a wireless thingy (to eliminate all that cord crapola) do games play as fast - or nearly so - as they do with a hardwire connection?

  4. Could you recommend some games, please? (I alread intend to get GT3 and Grand Theft Auto), and I got SOCOM and NASCAR Thunder as gifts)

I have seen previous threads about great PS2 games, but these go back to 2002 and 2003, so I’m hoping for more timely inputs.

If you have anything at all to offer that a newbie might appreciate, please do so.

If you play RPG’s

Kingdom hearts


Final fantasy X

are supposed to be top notch games.

I got one for my birthday last year and adore it! I found looking through the demo disk that came with the console a great start to deciding what genres I may prefer and learning the controls, I received another demo disk when I sent in my registration card and they also come with PS2 magazines. They are well worth spending time with IMO.

The GTA series are fantastic but say goodbye to your friends for a while. The Sims are completely different but if you don’t have them on PC may be worth investing in. I like driving so have the Burnout games which I enjoy. I suggest one BMX or skateboard game, they seem to all be pretty similar but are a good way to kill time. I personally hate Turok: evolution but it came in a bundle and a friend loves it. I have a couple of budget British games that I don’t think have been issued in the US so I will leave the rundown there.

You can rent games from your video store to try them out. I think the most important thing I have found is that I do not need the latest games when they come out, waiting until they drop in price lets me have more of them and quite frankly, games that were huge in 2001 are just as fun for me now in 2004 as they would have been then.

I have neither a steering wheel nor wireless controller so I cannot help you there at all.

Is splinter cell a ps2 game? I played the PC version and it rocked – albeit too damn short.

I don’t own a PS2 myself, but I do own a Gamecube, and I have played on other’s Playstations (not so much recently, though).

  1. Different games have different controls. However, once you’re used to the controller, picking up the controls for a given game becomes intuitive (to me, anyway). Just playing regularly will get you used to the controller in no time - I don’t think choosing an easy game would help that much.

  2. Personally, I dislike driving wheels. I highly doubt that having one would make it easier - it’s just a matter of what you’re used to. Of course, if you got accustomed to using it, you might become more skilled with it than without it, but that’s not going to happen straight away.

  3. Although I haven’t used a wireless controller, I’d doubt there’s any (noticable) difference in the time it takes to respond.

  4. I don’t have a PS2, but the games I hear people raving about are mostly RPGs: Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts spring to mind immediately. They aren’t for everyone, though, so I’d advise trying one to see if it’s the type of game you’d enjoy.

There is a logitech force feedback wheel that offers a full 900 degrees of rotation…its supposedly the best wheel…I don’t know if it is out yet, or comes out with the new Gran Tourismo.

There are a ton of great games available in the greatest hits line now($20)
Hot Shots Golf
Jax and Daxter
Kingdom Hearts
Virtua Fighter 4 megamix

Antiochus , I highly highly reccomend Beyond Good and Evil to you. It’s a top notch game that’s relatively easy, has simple controls, and has great music, visuals, voice overs, and characters. And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s $20. I have not talked to anyone who has played this game who hasn’t loved it dearly, and I’ve talked to quite a few people about it :slight_smile: .

I’d also reccomend the following:

Klonoa 2
Grand Theft Auto 3/Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Champions of Norrath
Devil May Cry
Metal Gear Solid 2
Timesplitters 2 (great multiplayer)
Ratchet Clank 1 & 2
Dark Alliance

(Go to to learn more about said games. I’m not advertising, but of all the game sites out there, I trust them most for reccomendations)

And IMHO SOCOM is only worth owing if you have the network adapter and mic. So of you have boradband cable, and the money, I’d reccomend you pick those up. If you like SOCOM online, go aheahd and buy SOCOM 2. Do that, and I’ll see about letting you in my clan :slight_smile: .

Your question about getting used to the controls suggests that you haven’t really played console games with much regularity at all before. If I’m wrong, and this comment is overly patronizing, please accept my apologies.

The controls are used almost exclusively with the thumbs. The only other fingers you use are the pointer (and sometimes the middle) on the L and R buttons on the top. Once you get used to where the buttons are with your thumbs, it’s pretty easy to pick up the controls for a new game.

The Tiger Wood PGA Tour series is excellent. Even my friends who don’t like golf have become huge fans of this game.

That is indeed the case, Walrus. In fact I haven’t played any console games, ever. Which is why I posted my questions.

My advice is that, if you have SOCOM II, go online with it and look me up. My username is interface2x - let’s shoot the hell outta people together.

**interface2x ** , at what times do you play SOCOM 2? My name is JoeSki, and me and my clan play from 10:00pm-3:00am or so. Wanna shoot the hell out of people with me?

Dude, one BIG word: Loaded. It was a PS1 game, but nothing beats it for pure “shooting mindless but amusing enemies” fun.

*GTAIII * and GTA: Vice City are also pretty good, although if you had/have them on PC, don’t bother getting the PS2 versions.

Don’t get Madden '04. Some Madden editions represent a huge leap in the series; some are pretty basic evolutions. This is not one of the huge leaps… wait for '05.

I usually play whenever I can fit it in - mostly on weekends (Sat and Sun afternoons are my usual times), but maybe one or two weeknights every week at about 8-10 pm central. I’d love to shoot the hell outta people with ya :slight_smile:

Add me to your friends list (and I can do vice versa) and we can hook up. I’ll warn you, though, my game can be uneven - sometimes I get tons of kills and few deaths, other times the complete opposite! I am a cookie, though, so I must be doing something right.

I should be on next on maybe Wednesday night around 8 central, or so. Damn full time job.

Now that you have a game console, is your best friend. It’s a site dedicated to a bunch or nerds who search the internet 24/7 for great deals on games. They have links to websites selling games for $10 (sometimes $5, and occasionaly even less than that) that you’d find in stores for $50. CAG has a forum where deals are posted, and if the deal is good enough, a link to the deal is posted on the main page of the site. However, sometimes the deals expire before they can make it to the front page (or sometimes the guy in charge of the site just doesn’t feel the deal is worth mentioning…you may disagree) so be sure to register with the message boards there too, if only around Christmas time. Yes, you definately want to be there during Christmas time. Last Christmas they made a huge lists of all the games that were marked down to $5 and $10 at stores like Circuit City and Best buy. Unless you read these lists, you couldn’t know that the games were this cheap since the employees at the store didn’t mark the prices of the games down. The only way the forumites at CAG knew they were that cheap was because they took huge piles of games up to the registers (to the annoyance of the people behind them) to see how much they really cost and reported back. Last year I saved at least $200 because of them :smiley: .

reads what I just typed out

Damn, do I ever look like a spammer.

Thank you JoeSki. I will give full attention to this site for cheapo prices.

Now, could you please name a site or two that reviews the Wheel Consoles for PS2.

I searched but cannot find,


More about my previous post.

Went to the local Mall earlier today and in a Video Game store, I asked him where I could get reviews of various wheel consoles for PS2. The problem is I could find a refernce to the fact that one wheel wheel’s gear shifting works with GT3, but with nothing else, While Wheel B doesn’t shift with GT3 but does so with everything else.

I’m looking for a console that works fully with GT3 and most other games.

The kid suggested ebgames,com."

So, when I got hime, I went there, searched for applicable reviews and got nothing.

I have previously searched the web for the same thing and can’t seem to find a reliable site. Hope to hear from you.

Well, I can think of a handfull of magazine that review wheels, but no websites. Since you can’t very well just go out and pick up all of the issues of OPM or some other magazine that review wheels, your best bet is to either read the customer reviews of wheels at Gamestop or you can register at Gamespot, and make a post in the general game discussion forum and ask the forumites there what wheels they would reccomend for the PS2, which is what I’d do. Many of the gamers there are pretty hardcore and have good judgement, so that’s probably the best thing you can do.

The Logitech PS2 Steering Wheel should work with everything, as it is the official PS2 wheel. Only problem is that it’s a bit expensive ($99 or so) so I’d be hesitant to buy. there may be a third party wheel out there that’s just as good and cheaper than the Logitech one, but I really wouldn’t know since I don’t play racing games. That’s why I suggested the gamespot forums. It’s probably the most active game forum on the net, and the members that post there can tell you pretty much anything you want to know, wether it be what wheel to buy, or wether or not one of those $10 games at is worth the money.

I’ve had fun with gamefly (I feel like I’m spamming now too). Same deal as Netflix but for games. I’ve gone through a lot of games in the first month realizing that some people’s favorites are ones I hate and vice versa.