Got a PS3. Now what?

I just bought my second console to compete for shelf space with the Wii. I got it because I had some extra cash from working overtime. I bought it because I hate my bluray player that took five minutes or so to load a disk (PS3; 70 seconds from disk insert to choose episode menu. Yay!). I got it for HD Netflix. I did not get it to play games primarily.

I got a bundle with the bluray style remote, a copy of Karate Kid and two games. The games, Uncharted 2 and Mod Nation Racers, were immediately traded in towards Little Big Planet 2. And, oh yes, I picked up a second controller. Already had the HDMI cable from the aforementioned bluray player.

So what next? I’m enjoying the hell out of LBP2 as are my two daughters. We’ve watched a couple of movies on Netflix and have appreciated the HD quality over the Wii in that regard. Um, I think I’ve updated it. I am willing to listen to any and all reccomendations. Bring em on!

Do you have a Harmony remote for the rest of your gear? Get yourself a Nyko Bluwave so you can integrate the PS3 into it. (You won’t be able to power it up, because there’s no PS button equivalent.)

Do you use Pandora at all? Then add it to your bookmarks in the PS3’s browser. It’s not a great interface, but it works.

Do you have any home movies, pictures, etc. on your network? Get TVersity.

Any interest in Hulu? Don’t pay for Hulu Plus - get PlayOn. It’s cheaper in the long run.

In Canada here, so no Hulu, and no Pandora.

I don’t have an A/V receiver so a Harmony remote probably isn’t in the works. We are however growing our collection of remotes with the PS3, TV and PVR ones but I think three is still manageable.

Will look into TVersity as I’d like to get all the digital photos somewhat organized (ha!).

You could always return it… I’ve always wanted one but never had the courage to pay that much for it, i’m sure its worth it though. I did however put some money into building my first computer and after do so, I doubt I will ever buy a console again. Computer parts are advancing so fast that the good stuff is old and makes em cheap. I don’t have a blu-ray player but they do have them as well as blu-ray burners. I would bet they load your movies in seconds as well.

I’ve learned to look at it this way, a ps3 is a computer that your limited to upgrade as a pc is computer that you can upgrade.

  • Download Vidzone and create your own playlists of your favorite music.
  • Trade back Uncharted 2 and start playing it immediately, you silly man, you.
  • Buy Buzz, Singstar or both and enjoy fun evenings with friends (and I imagine your daughters will love it too)
  • Get Ratchett and Clank (either game is good, both is better)

No kidding, it’s a great game.

Do you like baseball? You can get the MLB season package to play live games on the PS3. Pretty nice. You can stream media from your PC to your PS3 so that you can play back stuff through the nice stereo you probably have hooked up to your PS3…

Oh, also: download PS3 Media Serverand stream any audio or video format (which were legally obtained ofcourse ahum) from your PC to your PS3.

I haven’t had great luck with PMS. TVersity has worked the best for me. YMMV, of course. Plus, it has YouTube access, and a bunch of other stuff.

I have no experience with TVersity, but I read that for online content you need to buy the Pro version. PS3MS was a breeze to set up for me and does anything I need it to do, so I haven’t looked into other products.

If you want an awesome, fun, casual game, download PAIN. Think “guy in a slingshot”, and you’ve got the basic concept, but there’s a lot more too it. The basic game is $10, and there’s a ton of DLC like new levels and launchable characters (some free, most paid-for, but usually offering a good $$-to-playability ratio - the first time you launch George Takei into a lamppost, you’ll thank me).

Thanks for all the ideas guys, keep em coming.

And I’d like to single out Hennessy for some special thanks. You have no idea how much I appreciate your participation in this thread.

Sing Star is on the list already, yes, the girls love singing games. Uncharted 2 is just not my type of game. If I want, I can borrow games like that from friends.

Since you have three players and two controllers, I highly recommend looking around for a LittleBigPlanet 1/controller pack. Wait - I just looked for you. $60 - that’s a $50 controller and a $25 game.

I simply love the LBP games, and I’m a grown man.

Munch (and anyone else), how many times do you find yourself playing a game with more than two people? We bought extra wiimotes to have four and it’s very, very rare that they all get used at the same time.

What games are out there that are up to four players?

Really rarely. But then, I’m single.

LBP1, LBP2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1/2 are the only I can think of at the moment.

Dude you are most welcome, I can’t believe I’m getting a special thanks from a stranger, my day is 10x better now. He even bolded my name… Or was that sarcasm?

You bought a gaming console because you didn’t like the load times on your what I’m guessing first generation blu-ray player. You did not get it for games as I take it. Understanding computers provide the fastest loading times along with the power of everything else electronically is out of your frame so…

LG BD 390 Network Blu-ray Disc Player

Point being, buying a Playstation 3 should only be done if you want to play Playstation 3 games, at least it would save you money… But go ahead and put your guards up, I’m attacking you, remember?

This one’s better if you’re just looking for a remote rather than a way to integrate a Harmony

Uses bluetooth, so it can do everything Sony’s own remote does, but also is an IR universal learning remote so you can use it for your TV, DVR, etc.

Got mine for like $25 (same price as Sony’s that only works with PS3) at Best Buy.

Much better than using the PS3 controller while watching movies.

He already has a PS3 remote - I just brought up the Nyko in case he had a Harmony.

Ah, I missed that somehow. Still, I stand by my recommendation that the Blu-link is the way to go if anyone else reading this is considering a remote.