Got a question about a bite

Last weekend, I noticed a raised white spot on my arm and paid no mind to it. The next time I looked at it, which was the next day, it had turned pink and I assumed that I got bit by a mosquito or a gnat and again didn’t pay much attention to it. A few days later and I noticed that it had shrunk.

Here is a picture of it as it is now, with me circling the area in question. I know the pic isn’t the best quality, but it is what I can manage. Now, I’m slightly concerned about it because, now that I inspect it, there are two marks that I assume were the bite marks. I’m just wondering if it was a mosquito/gnat, a spider, or possibly something else.

Erm, there are those doctor dudes and dudettes who CAN answer that with some science thing going on.
Rather than a picture that leaves my tricorder failing to comprehend or something.

Seriously, go to your physician and ask him or her about it. WE lack the ability to further examine you, do bloodwork or consider anything ELSE about you overall. We only have pictures, questions and zero history.

Yeah…I did go to the doctor and they said it was nothing to worry about. More than likely a bug bite, like I thought. My mind was just in its paranoid and hypochondria state and I was thinking it was something really bad, so I panicked and posted it here.