Got any Brooklyn Bridge pictures?


I’m looking for some pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge. Hopefully
someone will have something unique to share. I’ve seen a bunch
on the internet, but nothing really grabs me yet. I’m trying to
find one without the the World Trade Center in it…because I
want the focus to be the bridge. I’m attempting to either print
a poster size one, or something smaller.


I got a great print from It is from the 40’s. There are plenty here.

Hey, thanks…that is a pretty cool site. Which one did you get? I like the one called “lonely bench”…although I also like seeing the span of the bridge.

Afterimage Gallery this one.

Here’s some more from Goole Images

You can download many stunning copyright-free turn-of-the-century images of the BB (and other many, many other subjects) from the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress website (start at their home page, IIRC, and root around for the AMC). Unlike a lot of website images which look ok on a monitor but print like crap, most of the LOC photos can be downloaded in a high-resolution version suitable for reproduction.

TIP: I have found that, as a general rule, the best shots of bridges and such in the AMC come from their collection of Detroit Publishing Co. prints. That might help you narrow your choices since you’ll probably get overwhelmed with too many images if you simply search for “Brooklyn Bridge.”

Hey stuyguy…thanks…that was a great tip for pictures. I went to, and then clicked on “American Memory” on the top left. I hope that’s what you meant. Then I went to SEARCH, and then tried Brooklyn Bridge, and yes, was overwhelmed :slight_smile: Is there a link or something for the “Detroit Publishing Co. prints”, or do you just search on that term?


Just do a search that includes both the terms “Brooklyn Bridge” and “Detroit”. If you don’t know how, enter this in the search box, exactly as I’ve typed it:

+“Brooklyn Bridge” +Detroit

That should do the trick.