Got anything nice to say?

I read somewhere that people now change careers several times over the course of their lives. It isn’t like the “olden days” where you stayed in the same job for life.

You’ll have a great time, I’m sure. How long does the cruise go for?

What is this rain of which you speak, Trucelt?

You’re a very fetching bat.

Let’s see… apparently I’m doing something right as the basketball coach for my son’s team composed of kindergarteners and first graders because I’m now the recipient of a lot of random hugs from the boys.

One of my wife and I’s friends- a law school buddy of hers will be visiting for the weekend- she’s always a bunch of fun and laughs, and my boys love her as well.

And lamest and last, the work cafeteria has fried catfish for the entree and seafood gumbo for the soup today at lunch, so I’m mildly excited.

  1. Despite being 67 and having no college degree, my husband works for a very enviable employer. They hired him when he was 64 based on his talent and experience, not because he was degreed, young or cheap. For this reason, this company will always be aces with me and I will always use their products.

  2. They just gave him a sizable raise and bonus.

Good stuff!

Another vote for the joys of it not raining. Sun is out and my vacation starts on Monday.

Want some? We’ll share! Which way shall I point the fan?

Also, I landed the mother of all "Secret Shopper"assignments today. Free lunch from Maggiano’s plus a little money for my trouble. You can’t make a living at it, but sometimes it coughs up a treat just when you need one.

And my wife has proposed a “date night!”

After years of having chronic head congestion and post-nasal drip, I finally went to see an allergist a few weeks ago. He diagnosed me as having an allergy to dust mites*, and gave me two recommendations: (1) special covers for my pillows and mattress, and (2) a nasal antihistamine spray. I cannot express just how much better I feel now – I haven’t breathed this easily in years!

    • a “dust mite allergy” is, in fact, an allergy to dust mite poop. Eeeew.

Ten days, round trip from Ft. Lauderdale, stopping in the Bahamas, Aruba, Curacao, Panama, and Costa Rica. It’ll be the first time we have a balcony cabin. No more dark room in the bowels of the ship! :smiley:

That’s terrific! I worried when my almost-60 husband decided to un-retire, but not only did he land a great job with a great company, when he decided to re-retire a few years later and start his own business, they kept bringing him back in a consulting role, so he gets the fun parts of his old job without the crap parts!

The niece has started at a new school and is enjoying it and getting on well. The nephew is not sitting on his laurels at school and cracking on with studying. And he’ll be testing for his black belt in karate this weekend.

Me? I have a new toy for my PC, I’m off shortly to a black tie dinner, and I’m playing croquet tomorrow. Life is good.

The fish get out and use the public restroom do they? I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

My 17-year old son got his first job two weeks ago and he managed to land his dream job on the first try. He’s working part-time at Spirit Halloween store. Halloween is his favorite day of the year so he goes to work happy and comes home happy.

Bought a camera to go with a Raspberry Pi Zero W I had lying around. Burned a new SDcard, attached it and other periphs, and tada, I’m on camera.

Next up: motion detection with video sent to my server.

While I’m at it, here’s all the nice things I want to say about Linux:

It looks like the joint-wedding-present afghan might be actually within sight of completion!! Woohoo! :slight_smile: Golly, trying to get a bunch of knitters all doing roughly the same thing for the same project is like herding cats. :rolleyes:

It’s cooled down enough here that I was able to bring the Very Fuzzy Blanket out of storage.

I now have four cats curled up on me at night, as they all appreciate the Blanket and its Fuzziness.

You might have seen on the news that a plane crashed in a lagoon near an island in Micronesia. The good news is that not only did everyone survive, the local folks who saw it came out in droves in their own boats to help.

From this article (and you can see pics of the rescue at that link too):
“I was really impressed with the locals who immediately started coming out in boats,” [passenger Bill Jaynes] said in an interview with a missionary in Chuuk, Matthew Colson, that was posted online and shared with the AP.

“One would think that they might be afraid to approach a plane that’s just crashed.”

But if they were, they did it anyway.

Your Garmonbozia was delicious. You should be feeling better now.

oh, pooh. I wrote out replies and the computer dumped it. :frowning: ah well. It’s good that things are going well for some (including those plane passengers, wow) and that not all employers are dopey.

I’d love to see the afghan when it’s finished. It sounds like a labour of love.

(sorry for not doing all the quote thingies and if I’ve overlooked something. I am all doped up on antihistamines)

I don’t work in the morning so I get to stay up late and read tonight. Woohoo!

The rain has stopped and the lakes are mostly full again.

It’s fall.

Pullinson is interviewing for a job delivering for Amazon. They supply the vehicle, so he’ll be driving one of these.

My company let me switch to part time. Starting next week, I only work MTW. All weekends are now 4 days long for me. :slight_smile: