Government Involvement in Essential Industries

I have a debate next weekend in which I have to make a case for the government to be responsible for holding up essential industries. so…why should they?

(mainly in bad economic times)

This is a topic rather unsuited for General Questions, as it asks for one party’s position in a Debate. A Great Debate, as a matter of fact.

But beware: We don’t do homework. In GD, you’ll have to sift through actual arguments from both sides of the issue (such as people like me, who would heartily disagree with your thesis). If you want stuff for a class, use Google.

GQ is not here to do your homework for you.

I hate teachers that assign homework due on the weekend. :rolleyes:

We are not a homework service, and generally discourage students from asking schoolwork-related questions here unless they have exhausted all other reasonable resources.

If this is an extracurricular activity I think we can probably cut you some slack. The General Questions forum is for questions with factual answers. This topic is better suited to Great Debates, so I’ll close this thread.

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