Government Shutdown Question

Would the President continue to get paid during a US government shutdown? I assume he wouldn’t since he is a federal employee, unless he is exempt for some reason.

I read that all members of Congress still would be paid, so I imagine he would be too.

I (dimly) recall hearing a CNN reporter state that both Congress and the President would continue to get paid during any government shutdown.

Both the Congress and the President would continue to be paid during a government “shutdown,” for the simple reason that they make the rules.

The very short story story is that the Constitution prohibits changing the pay of congressmen or the president during their term of service.

Understood, but there still must be a complementary piece of legislation authorizing the pay. You could say that a violation of the Constitution would be occurring, but what specific legislation would authorize someone to cut a check to the Prez/member of Congress?

To me, that would be like saying that the Constitution demands that Congress provide for the general welfare, so no government shutdown and everything runs as usual.