Governor Scott Walker just sealed his own fate

This taped prank call shows without a question that he is not serving the people of Wisconsin but a couple of Billionaires.

Wisconsin voters should re-call him.

My understanding is they can’t recall him until he’s been in for a year.

That’s sad if that’s the law, however I do believe that this man is a puppet of the Koch Brothers. There’s no question that he does not belong as Governor of a major state.

What do you mean he’s not serving the people of Wiscosin? 61% of them approve of his union-busting efforts.

Sounds like you’ve been watching Fox. It was exactly the opposite. Fox has been presenting the data exactly the opposite of the actual way the poll turned out, then correcting the error in the last minute of the program.

Oops, my mistake. I clicked on your link. Sorry.

He just sealed his fate. Ok before this no one had heard of him now he is an up and coming star of the Republican Party. BTW what did he say that was so bad the tape seems very mild compared to what I’m sure they were trying to get.

I almost fell for that too.

That’s because he has a (D) after his name.

Although, to be fair, it’s amazing how normal people will whore themselves out to be viewed as a “player” “relevant” or at least not a “dickweed” when talking to a famous billionare.

That said, blows me away how easy it is to punk someone like Walker. It sets off giant warning bells that his staff and then Walker himself can so easily be hoodwinked. Sheesh, what kinda judgement does someone like Walker have? If he’s this gullible, just what else do you think he’s taken hook line and sinker?

Frankly, I believe that there has to be some kind of ethics violation here. He in fact seems to be honestly reporting or briefing his boss (David Koch), when his boss should be the people of Wisconsin. I believe the Ethics commission of Wisconsin needs to look into his association with the Koch Brothers and see if it has something to do with the setup he engineered in order to get his State in the shape it is in so as to then claim that Wisconsin is “broke” and he has to bust a union in order to balance the budget. Something stinks here.

Can we get a summary for those of us who don’t feel like sitting through ten minutes of audio? What did he say that was so bad?

Time to dust off the previous connection he had with the K Brothers:

That looks cheap, until one notices that other help is coming directly of indirectly from Koch to Walker, most recently on the busing of Tea Party activists to counteract the protesters against Walker.

I assume it’s the part around 4:30 where he agreed with the caller that he’d consideredan underhanded move the caller suggested, planting troublemakers, but had decided against it because he said it wouldn’t work (it’d cause a ruckus, and people would think the governor would “have to settle” - I don’t know what he means by the latter…how does planting trouble makers = have to settle?).

True, but how long does he have to be in before he is tarred and feathered?

Stinks of all nine levels of hell. Have no-bid contracts ever been proven to be anything but a means of corruption?

It definitely shows the lie of fiscal responsibility being the cause of all this. If the government is facing a revenue shortfall, should they not be trying to receive the highest price possible if they desire to sell off public assets? Something no-bid contracts have never accomplished.

My guess is that if they planted “troublemakers” and REAL trouble (violence, etc.) broke out, people would be calling on the governor as the guy in charge to settle to keep it from escalating.

So he is in hot water for not doing anything wrong? If that’s the standard, then he is definitely doomed.


He didn’t nix the idea because it was wrong, but because it might backfire.

A “boss” whose voice, as the tape verifies, Scott Walker does not recognize.

I can’t stand him, and I think his union-busting is incredibly dishonest and sleazy (“for the budget” is the new “think of the children!”), and his no-bid contract business puts further lie to any claims of fiscal responsibility–but his attitude on the taped bits that I’ve heard were merely obsequious, not unethical. Of course if a major fat cat donor offers an idiotic proposal to him, he’s not going to call him on its idiocy: there’s no percentage for him in doing so, as long as he deflects the proposal through other means.