Gov't offices incompetant!

Oh and, half the people in our office are from SSA.

I think many are happy they escaped. Heh

I was empowered with the ability to read. He does not state why he was in the SSA office, but he did mention he had the same problem receiving his GRANTS (read: free money). I did indeed make assumptions about why he was at the SSA. I made these assumptions based on the fact that a) he’s a student, so is probably too young to be retired b) if he’s indeed young, then he probably has few other reasons to be in an SSA office other than working on a claim, and c) he goes on to bitch about another govt agency delaying his free money in the next paragraph.

And I don’t begrudge him if he makes full use of government assistance available to him. There’s just something disingenuous about the OP’s complaint about the government not getting him his money fast enough.