GPS receiver for laptop?

I am looking for a GPS receiver for my Gigabyte M912 so I can use navigation software on it.

I am also hearing about fast GPS receivers that recalculate position 5 times a second or more. These can be used as a cheap alternative to telemetry modules like the Racelogic Vbox.

Any suggestions?

Yes , Microsoft Streets and trips should come with the software, maps and a reciever that plugs into the usb port. It also works with bluetooth if you have that onboard the laptop. Price up in Canada was 60 bucks when I went to pick it up.

There are two versions, one with the usb gps and one with just the maps, it will say which on the box.


Is that gps receiver any good? Also I don’t think Streets and Trips has european maps.

Amazon has Microsoft Streets & Trips for $64.99 with the GPS unit included. However, 3 out of 5 reviewers gave it one star.

If your laptop has Bluetooth, there are a number of Bluetooth GPS receivers available from places such as BuyGPSNow and Semsons that will work quite nicely with laptops and PDAs/smartphones. Some of these units also have logging capability, in which position is recorded over time in the device’s memory for later retrieval.

Microsoft AutoRoute is S&T with Western Europe maps added (including Greece).

For someone who hates Microsoft, I loved using Streets and Maps and its GPS receiver while working on Katrina recovery. It always had good signal.