Grab the Tent! It's almost that time of year!

Okay, so this being close to the final years of the HallGirls sticking around for too much more time during the summer months, and Hallboy getting older by the minute, I thought we’d all do some camping this summer. You know, the type where you drive hours upon hours to some other place, with the car stuffed full of puptents, styrofoam coolers and lots of beer…er…soda pop. Campfires with hotdogs on sticks, gooey marshmallows and sand inside of bathing suits, shoes, sleeping bags and places on your body where sand should never be found. Tents, in theory of course, mean that we’re not sacrificing our first born for a few nights in a hotel room. (I’d really miss HallGirl 1 if we had to sacrifice her.)

So, we’re thinking of heading towards the Jershey shore, since that’s likely to be some of the closest places to camp, and we’d really like to be somewhat close to the Atlantic Ocean (seeing how we’re on the east coast and all).

Do any Dopers know of some prime camp grounds (private camp grounds or state parks) that are relatively close to the coast (within 30 minutes driving time at least) that have shower and toilet facilities available at the camp grounds (there’s a limit to “roughing it” ya’ know.)?

And, seeing how it’s been awhile since I’ve actually staked a tent, anyone have any camping tips?

Wharton State Forest might be worth checking out. It’s in the Pine Barrens. Besides being close(ish) to the shore, it’s interesting in it’s own right.

There’s also Allaire
Bass River

I haven’t been to those, though, and have no idea what camping there is like.
The Yurts look intriguing.
Some friends and I had a bad run-in with insect hordes led by the cavalry - horse flies - in the pine barrens one August day many years ago. Other than that it’s basically sandy, so little skewer tent pegs probably won’t cut it.