Grade B Bela Lugosi in Philly on Halloween

Secret Cinema, a local guy who collects 16-mm films and cinematic oddities of all sorts, is putting on one of their regular shows on Halloween. The program (scroll down) also includes cautionary car wreck and VD films.

This particular program doesn’t appeal to me, though I’ve seen other of their viewings (their Christmas programs are a hoot) – but I thought it more than slightly possible that some Philly Doper might be interested.

Scared to Death sounds fascinating, especially the narrated-by-a-dead-woman part. It’s interesting that it predates Sunset Boulevard and D.O.A., both “dead narrator” stories (1950).

Come to think of it, “In Flanders Fields” has a dead-narrator gimmick. Hmmm.

Wow. Don’t miss Nanook of the North on the 29th–the first feature-length documentary ever made, AFAIK, and still one of the all time best. Fascinating and immensely entertaining.

Secret Cinema is always interesting. But my Halloween is always the Henri David ball.