Graduate School Applications?

I’m sending my application in this week for graduate school. Is this too late? I went to this school for undergrad and I’ve been in contact with them to discuss a graduate assistantship, although not for several weeks, so it’s not like they haven’t known to look for my application. Is sending my application in late March too late to expect an acceptance? I don’t think so, since there’s no cutoff date, but I’m curious about those who have done it before. I plan on going to grad school for music, and I will have to go for an audition, which I don’t mind. I’m familiar with most of these professors and with the department, but I’m nervous, as I’ve never applied for graduate school before.

Experiences? Advice? Turn and run?


I’d say it depends on the school - some are very organized and like to have the interviewing process set up early. The first (large) grad school I attended had interview dates in March, the smaller school I attend now didn’t even have a formal interview process and I’m pretty sure I could have come in July and still gotten accepted.

The first (large) school actually accepted a few people who applied 2 weeks before school started since there were openings because not everyone who was accepted decided to go to that particular school.

In summary, I’d say no - the end of March is not to late to apply to grad school, at least in science.

I actually went to this school for undergrad and the one reason I’m not too worried (although with generalized anxiety disorder, I tend to freak out pretty easily) is that I applied for the spring semester of my freshman year in December, and started in January - with a scholarship.

They’re really my only choice because they’re one of the few schools that offer the program that I want (Master of Arts in Teaching in a specialized field - for me, that’s music). The other school is in Oregon and while it’s a thought, from what I understand from a friend who teaches in Portland, their school system is in disarray and getting a job there would be close to impossible after graduation.

Argh. I just want to be done with this, know I’m in, and make my plans to move.