Graduation Gift

My neice (33 years old) is a teacher and is now graduating with her Master’s Degree. Since she is the first (and only) person in our family to have a college degree, I have no clue what to get her for a graduation gift. Help me.

Does she have an wish list?

Other suggestions:

  • A gift certificate from or a book store.
  • A gemstone globe. These are beautiful and come in a range of sizes and prices. Here’s a link to one I’d like to have.

I recently got my brother (18) a very nice leather softsided briefcase. He scoffed at the idea of it at first, but has decided (according to Mom) that it’s actually quite useful.

I’d imagine that for a teacher, it’d be even better. Think a messenger bag, but made of leather. I spent about $125 for it, and I want one just like it to replace my now 10yo beaten sack of a bag.

This reflects my biases, but this is something I would love to get once I complete my master’s degree. After a period with no time for pleasure reading, I like to go on reading binges once finals or midterms or whatver has ended.

When I got my bachelor’s degree somebody gave me a really nice picture frame with a $100 bill in it. I thought that was an awesome present for somebody who doesn’t want to get you crap you don’t need but doesn’t want to just give money.

For my masters’ degree I got a nice briefcase from Levenger’s - it was very useful on the job hunt.

For events that have a specific year, like this, I am fond of buying an American Silver Eagle of the same year. It is shiny and dated to help commerate the event. I usually give other gifts as well, since this is not costly. You can get one off of eBay, at a slightly higher cost than if you bought from a coin collection site.